Baby E photo

My Husband Took Down The Crib

My husband: Are you ready for a flood of emotions?

Me: Um, yes?

My husband: I took down the crib.

… but, but, but, this is the crib we chose, the safest (hardest) mattress, butterflies and dragonflies, lime green and peach, sky blue and bubblegum pink, hand-painted trees and cherry blossoms, tiny hands clutching fingers, shocks of dark hair unwilling to fall out, rocking, rocking, rocking, why are you still crying, bean?, weight loss, weight gain, breastfeeding impatiently, patiently, first smile at 3 a.m. maybe I can survive this no sleep existence, shushing, stomping, singing, babbles greet the afternoon sun, lullaby lyrics stumbled over, peeing pooping what is that?, rolling, sitting, eyelids fluttering, DON’T WAKE THE BABY, soft soft soft, toes and button noses, rotound bellies longing for kisses, more rocking, snot, reflux, croup, baby monitor giggles, I thought you were asleep, slinging, settling, tiptoeing, first mama, first dada, gnawing teething crying screaming, windows watching, board books, partying at 2 a.m., sleeping until 5 p.m., i missed you, boo, pulling up, jumping down, climbing crashing, crawling in with you hoping to sleep a moment longer …

Me: I wasn’t ready.

Scott: I may remember you saying that earlier, but I didn’t remember you saying that when I was taking down the crib.

Me: {sigh} It’s okay.  It was probably time.

Baby E photo
Tiny E
Baby N photo
Tiny N
E in a Sling photo
This is really where he slept.
Baby bean sleeping on the couch photo
And so did she.
Cat in the crib photo
So maybe I should've had a flood of emotions about my cats instead.
Only photo of a kid in the crib
This is only photo of a kid in the crib that I could find, and of course, Loki's in it.

Okay, maybe I’m just missing my babies as babies and my extra storage container although I probably should be commiserating with the cats.

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The Baby is Sick (I’m Referring to N)

N is sick.  (Can I get an AWWWWW?)

I tried to take a picture of her booger-y face to garner sympathy, but she’s either smiling or eating the camera in every single picture.  The only time she looks pathetic is at nap and bedtime, but I’m too busy alternating between sympathy and conviction that she’s NOT SLEEPING ON PURPOSE to take pictures of her.

Anyway, she’s not seriously sick.  Just a boring cold.  But when the ten month old has a boring cold, the grown-ups are AWAKE.  Again.  And again.  And again.

And our days look like YAWN.  grump.  grump.  grump.  YAWN.  grump.  grump.  grump. Coffee.  Prayer.  nice.  nice.  GRUMP.  nice.  grump.  grump.  grump.  COFFEE. nice.  nice.

Oh and in God’s great wisdom, she is also getting in her TWO FRONT TEETH.  Not for Christmas.  Just during her cold.  The awesome.

You remember teething: JABBING BONES THROUGH SKIN for DAYS ON END.

I always thought E’s sleep issued were due to teething (which would have given him FIFTY TEETH by the time he was one years old)  But N’s consistent wake ups every three hours from 7:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m. actually ARE teething (and now cold) related!  Hooray for being right!  (And for being wrong with E.  Because he’d be a SHARK.)

Our saving grace is AUNT K is in town!!  And like any good baby and preschooler whisperer she is COMPLETELY unfazed by N’s cold.  She is all up in the boogers while running laps with E.  And she NEVER catches their illnesses even though she isn’t around any kids but mine.  It’s her superpower.

We spent Friday in lock-down after N was up from 11:30 p.m. to 2:30 a.m.  (The first time that she EVER did that to us.  She’s a miracle baby.  And yet still I complain.  Hmmm…)  I failed to meet my Twitter deadline, but I did brush my teeth around 1 p.m. (you are welcome, dinner guests).  E, on the other hand, didn’t wear clothes for 24 hours straight.  (I attempted multiple times but only succeeded in getting him to wear his underwear for the 30 seconds between pulling them up and having to pee.  There is a naked gene in my side of the family.  The only thing that we could get Aunt K to wear in her first five years was a plastic apron.)

And here I am, Sunday morning, in my pjs with unbrushed teeth watching Word World with my son who IS WEARING A SHIRT. We are procrastinating the grocery shopping and caffeine withdrawal.  N is sleeping.  S is obsessing over soccer and WEIRD TOE SHOES.

Life feels pretty normal.

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