Writers Teach, Why Can’t Bloggers?

I’m participating in series Lifting the Veil On Making Money In Blogging because I find the lack of transparency around how and when and why to make money through blogging to be annoying and I am against annoying things.

As I was saying: Writers Teach, Why Can’t Bloggers?

Well, actually I have.

My thinking process went like this:

Wow. I don’t make a lot of money on my blog. Most writers don’t make a lot of money off their published novels. They supplement their writing with teaching. I should do that, too.

And I did.

I reasoned that I have spent many hours digging around for answers, making mistakes, digging myself out of those. What if I could help people to not have to waste 20 hours looking for the answers or even coming up with the right questions? What if I could condense it into a 2 hour class? What if I could take people from no-blog or very little blog to a working blog, Twitter and Facebook in 4 weeks?

I thought about my strengths as a blogger: I’m a prolific writer. I like site design, and I like to study psychology and why people read what they read.  Other bloggers are great with graphics or creating community or coding.  I based my pitch on my strengths and taught myself any gaps.

I researched where people teach writing and got universities, which were out because I don’t have an Medical Degree in the Internet, and some local writing and art centers. I emailed a class description, sent it to the wrong person at the Visual Arts Center of Richmond (but she happened to read my blog and sent it on to the right person), and I was hired.

I helped advertise my class, which was easier than for most of the teachers because I already had a social media presence to use.  My classes were popular and helped me to build a one-on-one client base as well. I am not currently teaching because my family needs me home. But that’s also a plus. I can take semesters off and join back at any time.

Now, don’t think teaching is easy. Doing it by myself on my time and making my mistakes on my blog is easy.  I’m good at that. Taking what I’ve learned and condensing it into PowerPoint and explaining it without jargon and through many different platforms is hard.

But I really enjoyed taking what I learned and applying it.  I think bloggers forget that just because the information is out here and free doesn’t mean being paid to teach it can’t work. I can check out an economics textbook from the library, it doesn’t mean I can teach myself economics or understand the nuances as quickly as I would like.

I’ve taught the creative and the technical side of blogging and kept a lot of bloggers from making the same mistakes I did like having your blog’s twitter handle already taken. I feel good about helping others and it’s not bad that I made more money teaching that first semester than I had made on my blog for those two months. But most importantly, I finally realized that I could teach and earn money without losing my blog or readers.

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I Told My Husband This Post Would Shock Him

In yesterday’s post I made a passing reference to the third child that I need in order to never throw any food away AGAIN. And one of my readers offered herself, which was nice. She likes chocolate, orange popsicles and is potty trained. She’s just about PERFECT!

But I have a secret… shh…

Okay wait. I’m NOT pregnant. Remember THIS POST? It still turns my husband red.

So we are officially non-baby-makers pending the second-coming and God going with the non-virgin this time around.

But yesterday I was reading a blog post (I would link but I can’t remember whose post because I was so stunned.) The blogger mentioned how the smile and goofiness of their third child made her remember that they were missing something with just two.



Here I am. Juggling two kids who are into middle-of-the-night hours-long parties. Tending the seedlings of a writing career. Leading an amazing mom’s group. And slated to teach a blogging class in the Winter. And THIS RIDICULOUS THOUGHT DARES TO ENTER MY ALREADY SCHEDULING-TWO-EVENTS-IN-THE-SAME-MORNING BRAIN?


To be honest.

When we snipped.

I never thought:

I’m so DONE.

What I said was: Scott? I’m SO DONE BEING PREGNANT.

Scott: Um, N’s four months old.

Me: I KNOW. But it’s already starting to fade. The misery. The sickness. The tears. And soon we’ll forget the sleepless nights. The painful nipples. The vomit. We need to do something QUICK before we (mostly Scott) starts thinking babies are adorable again.

Scott: You mean I should snip?

Me: I feel bad because I’m ready. But are you?

Scott: Well, the only person I ever want to get pregnant is you. And you don’t ever want to get pregnant again. So yes.

(If only our discussions on doing the dishes went this easy.)

Me: We aren’t actually DONE though. I mean we can go back to the foster-to-adopt classes we were taking when we got pregnant with N.

Scott {over N’s screams}: I guess.

And here’s the thing. When Scott finally did snipped, I think he felt done.

When I still only meant pregnancy.

But then this summer was so hard and I thought: Oh, I’m really done. I’m not even that good of a mama.

And I’d read about my friends who weren’t done, and I’d read them to the tune of: I’M SO DONE. And I’d shimmy.

I want my life back. I want to go on big trips and write and not use my breasts to feed anyone. I WANT SLEEP!

And because I THINK that my life is on hold for parenting, I can’t want another one.


I keep thinking about a little baby whose parents are not ready or willing to parent him.

And maybe in a few years, when the parents or courts or world realize that he needs another family, we are supposed to find him.

And bring him home.

I think I feel his presence.

Out there.


(Scott thinks it’s indigestion.)

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