I Fell Off The Planet

One suitcase for Scott and the kids and one suitcase for me. That

When I was young and angry at someone, I would yell: I HOPE YOU FALL OFF THE PLANET. Or if I was feeling particularly geeky, I would say: I hope his gravity reverses. It's a pretty vicious line -- floating out past your home and the treetops and finally off into space -- particularly with a ...

Pants in a bucket

My Summer Bucket List For Weird People

Pants in a bucket

I’ve never done a bucket list before, but my friend, Katie, inspired me by pointing out they’re all the rage on Pinterest. She then buck(et)ed the trend by writing a reasonable, summer, non-bucket list instead. Since I'm not exactly reasonable, I created Alex’s Bucket List For Weird People: Don’t speak to another human being for 3 days ...