Because I Am A Doctor

My daughter donned my glasses and decided to take care of her older brother while he was sick. It’s sweet until you realize that salami is his favorite food.

(click here if you can’t see the video because it’s too cute to miss)

The ending is my favorite.

PS. My son isn’t sick anymore. This video was just hilariously adorable, and I kept forgetting to share it with y’all. Also, I’m feeling particularly nostalgic for videos of my children. I want to listen to their voices and watch their mannerisms. While I treasure the stories I’ve captured in photos of our daily lives and holiday moments and sometimes on Late Enough, there is something magical in hearing the stomp of thick toddler legs and the tiny lisps of new words when I haven’t been there in years.

PPS. Not that this particular video has anything to do with that — it was made this summer. “OH, HOW THEY’VE CHANGED IN THESE WEEKS,” said Grandma Alex. No, not really. Great. I’m talking to myself on my own blog. It’s like my first post all over again. But I am also talking to myself as I type so really it’s like my reality everyday. I guess I’m pretty lucky that the video is, too.

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a song

Siblings (updated)

I know that it’s taboo to say that I had a second child to give my first one a sibling.

It wasn’t the only reason, but it was a part of it.  I love having a sister, and I wanted to give that to E.

Feel free to judge me.

I don’t care because I catch moment like this.

And all I feel is joy.

I love having both of them in my life, but I may love them having each other just a little bit more.

Update: In response to the “Why would it be taboo?” questions/comments: I’ve read on a lot of forums and blog that having another child to give your first a sibling is a “terrible reason” and will “clearly” lead to horrible things. Like love. Or locking in closets. It’s hard to tell on those forums.

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