The Best School Supplies

Back To School, Back To Kitten Folders

Well, back to school (back-to-school?) has kicked my butt off the Internet for longer than I expected. I did snap a photo of my son’s school supplies that made me very happy and not just because I get a little buzz when I see 10 colors of highlighters.

The Best School Supplies
Kittens, Football, Fast Cars, and Puppies!

I’m pretty sure if E could have a Camaro filled with kittens playing football, he would be happy — wait, that’s the entire Internet’s dream. His generation is so hip.

My daughter started kindergarten and I cried… more than once. Mostly, I’m so proud of her, but my eyes leak ALL my feelings these days.

N snuggles
First day snuggles.
N First Kindergarten Day
I didn’t ask her to pose — she just comes by it naturally. (I’ll find proof of my childhood poses ASAP).

My son began second grade and rocked it: Mama, I got this, but I’ll miss summertime.

E First Day of Second Grade
On your first day of second grade, you only care about your new Pokémon backpack.

Now I’m coping with getting stuff done as well as helping out at the kids’ schools and training to do volunteer work with local children in foster care. I’m doing pretty well with the extra time, but Lars isn’t.

Sad Dog Face
Send love! I’m sad. -Lars

PS. I had to change my blog theme because it conflicted with WordPress 4.0. Please let me know if you’re having any trouble with anything on here. Thank you!

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