Us with the RV

A Family Photo Session Done Right

About a month ago, we had the pleasure of a family photo shoot with Libby Selle Photography. Libby moved back to Richmond from Alaska and reached out to me after reading about in Richmond Family Magazine.

I was both excited and overwhelmed because we wanted to pick a Richmond place that has meaning to our family and all the playgrounds around town are busy in late September. We finally settled on Belle Isle since this is the first place we went as a family after our son was born. We’ve taken the kids back there almost every year, but this time it wasn’t my awful photography attempting to document it. Hooray!

We showed up in our brand-new RV because we had so many places to be Saturday we needed to bring a house.

Us with the RV
Meet our newest family member: RV RVA. (We need help with the name.)

Obviously, this wasn’t going to be Libby’s typical photo shoot, but she was a trooper.

Family and train
I love the train in the background because I don’t think there is a place in Richmond, Virginia where you cannot hear a train whistle.
Daughter and mom
Just match-y enough to make my mama heart soar.
Kids laughing
They are laughing the same way. And they are laughing at a photo shoot. Amazing.
Son and mom
Love my boy and that my hair doesn’t look THAT awful.
Daughter piggyback
My daughter’s favorite way to hike
Father and son
I think this was more of a tackle than a piggyback ride, but Libby still caught the joy.
Scott and Me
Scott and I have so few pictures of us over the past eight years. I was glad when Libby suggested them even though our kids tried to run off so some of the photos are of me yelling “STOP THERE!”

Yes, Libby even jumped rocks over the James River with her photo equipment to get a good shot.

James River rocks
We are always on an adventure even when we are supposed to be having family photos.

I think the tell-tale sign of a good photo session is when your 8-year-old, who only wants wears “athletic shorts,” gets upset when it’s time to go home. Also, I had a difficult time narrowing down what photos to post here, but hopefully, you will be placated with these.

Libby Selle Photography logo

Thanks Libby for a great experience! I know that we will be using her again and hope any of my Richmond area readers will reach out to Libby as well. She was kind and flexible and knew what she was doing when it came to bring out the best in my kids as well as choosing the right lighting and lenses. Even when I had some issue with her website, she was right on top of it and reached out to her web designer as well. I often feel the most telling aspect of working with someone is not when everything is perfect but how someone deals with a challenge. She met all our challenges including the RV.

Please check out the Libby Selle Photography website.

Like her on Facebook.

Visit her blog (and check out her post on us).

Most importantly, book her for your family (and more!) photos.

Disclaimer: Libby Selle Photography gave us the digital photos and photo session in exchange for a blog post on our experience. I was not told what to write so thank goodness she was good.

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Over the Edge Scott halfway

Don’t Fall!

On Saturday, Scott went over the edge. That’s not a metaphor. Every year Special Olympics in Virginia hosts a fundraiser where volunteers rappel down the side of the SunTrust building in downtown Richmond. Scott, who is afraid of heights, raised $1500 this year for Over the Edge in honor of his patients and kids who conquer their fears every day.

I was very proud and pretty shocked at how nervous I was for him. Logically, I knew the ropes were safe and he would be fine, but I also thought: How traumatizing would it be for the kids to see him plummet to his death? I didn’t really breath or talk much until he showed up at the top of the building and ended up on the sidewalk twelve minutes later in a nice orderly fashion.

Over the Edge Scott at top
That little tiny dot at the top is Scott so maybe being anxious isn’t too ridiculous.
Over the Edge Scott at near top
My kids were cheering so loud more people were watching them than Scott.
Over the Edge Scott halfway
At this point in his video, Scott says, “I hear you, E!” as his shaking subsides a bit.
Over the Edge Cheering for Scott
Fist of triumph raised!
Over the Edge Scott
Close up of badassery

When Scott got to the bottom, he was asked by the MC, “How was it?”

While most people say GREAT! or I can’t wait to do it again!, Scott replied, “Terrifying.”

Sometimes walking through a fear doesn’t make it go away. It makes us realize we have the courage to do something despite being afraid.

Over the Edge Family pride
Safe and sound!

And 12 hours later, Scott left for Haiti. He’s seeing 450+ children and their families with a small group of doctors and a dentist in an area so remote, it’s not on the map. I’m 75% sure he’s in central Haiti. At least that’s where I’ll start looking if something goes wrong.

PS. Thanks to all of our friends and family who donated. There is also a video of Scott going down that I uploaded to YouTube since it was too big for my site to host. He curses twice (which is why we won’t be playing it at the kids’ show and tells, why I had to explain what “shit” means, and why I had to add that we can’t teach this new information to our friends). You can watch the video below or on YouTube.

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