My Son's Art Work Only a Dollar photo

My Son Takes Arts And Crafts Seriously

My son is a writer and artist at heart. Remember the beautiful story about a bomb killing me? Exactly.

So when he brought home this,

My Son's Art Work Only a Dollar photo
Brown Hills for a dollar? Seems steep. (punny!)

I immediately asked: What are these? Brown hills?

(Yes, I know that I’m stifling his creativity by asking leading questions. It’s like I haven’t grown at all since he first brought home artwork. Let’s make me a better mom an insert: What is this my creative and confident artist?)

E: They’re brown hills!

(I love being right.)

Me: You’re selling it for $1?

E: Yup, and people are digging in them.

Me: What? Where?

E: You can see the rips they’ve made. Watch.

His OWN FINGER did the digging. He is the art and the artist. He’s a 5 year old PERFORMANCE ARTIST.  $1 is a steal.  (also sells for 2 cookies)

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