Pro-Life Needs To Be Pro All Life

Savita Halappanavar Photograph: Irish Times

I have been sitting on my pro-life video for about a month. The story of Savita, who was denied an abortion in Ireland while miscarrying at 17 weeks and died, as well as the nun who was excommunicated over saving a woman’s life by allowing an abortion in a Catholic hospital in Phoenix, Arizona decided for me in a way. The nun saved that woman’s life, but she could’ve denied the abortion as Savita Halappanavar was denied hers. The possibility is enough for me to decide to talk about a the difficult subject yet again.

(If you can’t see the video, click Pro-Life Needs To Be Pro All Life)

In the video (once I cut it down from twelve minutes to four), I discuss how I don’t understand why the pro-life movement only includes fetuses. When I look around at all the suffering and struggles of our world, homelessness, prison reform, poverty, human trafficking, war, there is so much life to support which doesn’t require sacrificing another life to do so; yet an entire movement focuses on a life that literally requires the sacrifice of another person’s life, which is not even their own.

If the pro-life movement was only made up of currently pregnant women, I would understand. Or if all life had dignity and comfort today, perhaps I could make room. But a movement focused on taking away the rights of one life to promote the rights of another is not pro-life. It is pro the easiest life to promote and look good doing it. The life in a pregnant belly is cute and uncomplicated. The movement forgets where we all come from and that we are all neighbors.

I don’t expect people to stop being pro-life, but I hope the they stops focusing on sacrificing mothers and broadens to include the lives of those here who are living and breathing next to us first. I hope the movement will embrace those people so easily ignored because their lives are full of mistakes and ugliness rather than baby photos and clean slates. As a Christian and a human being, I believe that the most difficult for us to love is probably the place to begin.

PS. I’m more eloquent in my video so if you have a 4 minutes to spare, you could listen.

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