Still hiking

Staycation Gone Wild

After I wrote my post about marriages needing help sometimes, I told Scott we needed a picture together. So we took twenty-five plus two videos and I can’t stop laughing. Here are the highlights.

Roller coaster 2
Very àpropos for marriage except for the missing body parts.
The city of love.
Paris 2
I think Scott is squishing its head. Also, CRAZY EYES.
Under the sea
Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming.
Becoming one with nature.
Still hiking
Birds in the sky.
It’s a bird. It’s a plane. It’s Scott and Alex.

We actually made a 20 second video being birds. I could not stop watching it because it’s HILARIOUS.

Beach days
in love
Them’s a lot of heart
hearts 2

But of course we didn’t end on too mushy of a note. We spent the next 30 seconds trying to get photo booth to make hearts come out of Scott’s butt.

Marriage rocks when you play it right.

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5 Things I Did Yesterday That You Didn’t

My high expectation for Monday was to take care of my daughter and her cold by letting her watch too much TV while I played on my computer. Glorious.

Instead, I did at least 5 things in the last 24 hours that you didn’t do:

1. I saved a freezer full of breast milk by loaning my portable generator to a neighbor EVEN THOUGH MY POWER IS OUT, TOO. I’m hoping for cookies since my friend pointed out that expecting to be given their next child as a thank you means I’d get stuck with a baby.

2. I was told by a therapist that I can start trusting myself more, which made me wonder if we were both talking about the same person.

3. I was attacked by a box full of magnets. It was like The Happening except I knew EXACTLY what was happening. Nature was trying to kill me by gusting plastic alphabet pieces at my face.

Don’t be fooled by my normal messiness. These magnets were on that window sill moments ago.

4. I answered the phone for an unknown New Jersey number because I thought it was the New York Times and/or Huffington Post calling me, but it was just my son’s godfather using his landline. And by “just” I mean “just as good.” Probably.

5. Fine, Scott did the last one: He bought The Chronicles of Narnia audio book for $41. Seriously, NO ONE DOES THAT FOR A REASON. (Psst, the reason is: Audio books are weird and difficult to follow. Ooh, that’s 2 reasons.)

Everything else I did Monday, I’m pretty sure you did, too. Like eating and sleeping and showering and finding people annoying.

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