Foster Family

New Year With New Family (Literally!)

I haven’t told you because I wasn’t sure what was going to happen, but we spent the fall training to become foster parents.

Scott and I have been discussing this on and off for almost a decade now, but I was surprised when I found a random Facebook note I wrote almost five years ago:

FB Note Foster
Obviously, I should’ve played the lottery that year as well.

Talking about something and actually doing it are two very different things but each step fell into place and we were certified at the end of November.

We began preparing for a child (or sibling set!) between 3 and 9 years old. We moved our upstairs study to the dining room and moved our cat assisted living room to our former study and made a beautiful blue and yellow bedroom with the help of our kids and the previous owners who had painted it blue. We even bought a giant yellow fleece blanket because every person in our house has one that matches their bedroom.

Fleece Blanket Collection
We believe in cozy.

We were just about ready to welcome a preK- or elementary-aged child into our home when the axiom we learned in training, “the only predictable thing in foster care is it’s unpredictable,” came true.

Foster Family
Baby hand!

And we ended up with an adorable infant that we were completely unprepared for (except for two kids and two medical degrees – heh).

My husband ran out at 10 p.m. to get a moses basket so the baby could sleep somewhere, and our friends and family dropped off extra baby stuff over the next few days. (THANK YOU!)

I can’t go into specifics about this sweet baby on here, but I hope to write about what being a foster family is like for us. We’re new and the system is confusing, but the love comes easy.

So happy new year to you, to us, and to new adventures! xoxo

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Christmas Star 2

The Star On The Tree Doesn’t Go As Planned. Welcome To The Holidays.

My daughter woke up the day after Thanksgiving and took down every turkey-related decoration down because CHRISTMAS. And the biggest decoration on her mind was the star at the top of the tree.

After multiple hours of getting our tree from the lot to the house to the container and straight along with the yearly debating and fact-checking as to whether it’s a white lights or colored lights year (color! boo!) added to the annual yet accidental breaking of at least two ornaments I love, we were finally ready to place the star at the top of our rather large Christmas tree.

The ladder was brought in and used as unsafe as most holiday fun should be done.

Christmas Star
I’m sure there were kids doing less safe things today.
Christmas Star 2
Just a little further…
Christmas Star 3
Together now!
Christmas Star 4
How beautiful!
Christmas Star 5
Look at that shared pride and love!

Thirty seconds later…

Christmas Star 6
Womp womp womp

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