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An Insomnia Update Because You Care

I have a cold and my insomnia is back so this post will probably be pointless, but I did want to give you an insomnia update.

Oh wait, I just did by writing “my insomnia is back,” and if I was a woman of few words instead of a blogger, I would stop typing. But I know that you want to know more because I’m psychic. Or just self-centered. TBD.

Remember back on March 20th when I asked you if I could die of morning? I said that I was committing to 30 days of waking up at 6 a.m. to force my sleep clock to readjust and my insomnia to get its butt kicked and perhaps most importantly, to be of better service to my family.

For the first 14 days, I did it no matter what. Kids up 13 times? Up at 6 a.m.. I don’t fall asleep until 3am? Up at 6 a.m.. Cats jump on my head at 5am? Up at 6 a.m.. I stuck to it because my word is my bond. Sir Alex carried on.

Those first few days, I was high from lack of sleep. The next few days I hated you. After that Scott would say everyday: It’s so NICE to have you up and awake in the morning. And I would smile and fall asleep. Okay I would smile, spend 16 hours doing stuff, then fall asleep. BUT I WAS FALLING ASLEEP AT 10 p.m.. It was amazing and exhausting and I couldn’t tell if I was happy or depressed or this was just what normal felt like.

Then my plan was attacked by life. First, my daughter went through a phase where she climbed into our bed every night.

My daughter and her sucka mama
I may be a sucker, but I'm the best kind of sucker.

I would have to shut off my alarm because I couldn’t create an exhausted disaster of a child each morning. N is my sleep-until-7-a.m. baby who  doesn’t nap anymore so she needs as much nighttime sleep as possible. For a few days, I woke up at 5:55 a.m., but my body began to catch on to the no-alarm and tried to sleep a little more each day.

I finally shift N to the guest room, then I got sick. I debated whether I should still get up at 6 a.m., but my doctor-self knew that rest would mean the difference between being sick for a week or for 3.

After that, we went away for Spring Break to become survivalists. I tried to get back on track in the middle of the woods, but I didn’t set my alarm everyday so I was doomed to failure. Insomnia is strong and vaguely appealing.

We got home, and I never set my alarm again. Plus, Scott started reading the Game of Thrones series (am I supposed to out you?) and was up until all hours. At first I resisted and went to bed, but soon, I reveled in it. I had a late night buddy! My husband has always been early to bed, early to rise, which has been a bone of contention in our marriage: whose circadian rhythm is better and who should change. (Okay the fights aren’t EXACTLY like that but they pretty much boil down to those 2 questions.) I was so happy to have him on MY schedule. Of course, once he finished the first 4 books, he was snoring by 10:30 p.m. and I had completely screwed up my sleep schedule.

Now, I’m back to just laying and staring and thinking for hours and trying desperately to make up for it in the morning hours. Except the insomnia is made even worse with the knowledge that I can set my alarm for 6 a.m. and begin the miserable process all over again to start falling asleep at a decent hour.

See you at midnight. And at 6 a.m. again. Soon. One day. After this cold ends. Probably.

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My Son Has An Alarm Clock. Send Help.

My 5-year-old sets an alarm. Everyday. For 6:30 a.m.. I can’t believe I haven’t put out this S.O.S. sooner.

It all started the week before daylight savings time. My 5-year-old asked to set his alarm. Specifically he asked to set it daily for 6:30 a.m. proving that morning person genes are much strong than night owl genes and also making me tear up when I heard the plan.

The child was lucky to have asked Scott-the-morning-person when I-the-hater-of-mornings wasn’t around because I would’ve NEVER gone for it. But Scott thought 1) E is usually awake before 6:30 anyway and 2) E said it would make him less nervous when he woke up in the night whether it was time to wake up.

The second reason is particularly hard to say no to, but I would’ve found a way because the idea of a 5-year-old with a 6:30 alarm is RIDICULOUS.

But no one cared what I thought so we began the alarming experience (heh) with the caveat that on daylight savings time day, it would be set for 7 a.m.. I’m like the democrats in congress with this deal, but whatever.

Now every morning at 6:30, E comes bounding into our bedroom. I’m already awake now that I’m on the 6am-insomnia-sucks regime, so I can’t kick Scott out of bed to go ENJOY the Scott-sanctioned alarm situation. The only positive is that my son and I get some one-on-one time together because my daughter loves to sleep in (and by “sleeping in” I mean 7:30 a.m. — how sad.)

Okay fine, even a grumpy morning person can admit these moments are nice.

Until last night…

Scott leans down to set the alarm and E says sadly: Dada, don’t. Turn it off.

Scott: Why?

E: {sigh} Everyday it’s the same thing over and over. 6:30. 6:30. 6:30. I always know what the day will be like.

My first thought: My kid’s going to hate being a grownup.

E continues: It’s just so boring, Dada. I only want the alarm on Sundays at 5:58 a.m. so I can watch the silly bird show (translation: watch Peep and the Big Wide World)

And of course, Morning Sunshine Scott agreed.

Awesome. Sunday mornings will now begin for before my alarm. I’m not even sure a good cartoon can make up for that. Well, at least my son and I have six other days filled with the non-alarm excitement of WHEN WILL E WAKE UP?

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