Every single piece including the double-track signal... impossible? NOT FOR THIS MAMA!

I Live Vicariously Through My Children’s Toys

No one high-fives me when I manage to bathe myself, my children and apply deodorant to my armpits and not just to my shirt while finishing up our taxes, feeding the cats and emailing my senator about his most recent vote. (I do high five myself, of course.)

I’m a mom.

I don’t get awards or enough thank yous to feel like anyone is paying attention.

But I’ve made a conscience decision not to live through my children’s accomplishments.  Except for the ones that I call all the grandparents about — because TA-DA!

Yet, between those phone calls and bedtime, I still need SOMETHING to validate my exist.  To make me feel like I have accomplished something meaningful…

In toys, ages 3 and up.

1) I used EVERY SINGLE PIECE of our Thomas the Train sets in this track:

Every single piece including the double-track signal… impossible? NOT FOR THIS MAMA!

2) I built a log cabin that sleeps seventy small men and thirteen matchbox cars:

My ancestors, had they gone West, would’ve have been proud. Instead, they stayed East, became Yankees and thought the West started in Ohio and was creepy.

3) I created such an intricate marble maze that my husband tried it six times before he believed that every path went somewhere:

More like Marble A-Maze, right SCOTT?

So while my children are spectacular, I don’t even bother bragging and begging for credit.  I’m too busy reveling in my best self right here at home.

Which may or may not include shooing away of actual children — just until I snap the picture, okay?  IT’S MOMMY’S BEST WORK!

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