Large coporations are also seeing profits, but they aren't using them to help Americans.

Someone Needs To Tell The American People: Corporations Don’t Care

I’m still figuring out what Occupy Wall Street wants to accomplish. They may be as well.

But if Occupy Wall Street helps more people to understand that while our economy struggles and unemployment remaining high, large corporation and Wall Street profits have grown and grown and grown, I will celebrate them.

Large corporations are also seeing profits, but they aren't using them to help Americans.

(the photo source is also an excellent reference for multiple charts on that make the wealth gap and income inequality more understandable)

Corporations Are Supposed To Be Regulated

The current Bank of America scandal, charging customers $5 a month to use a debit card, is great example of how corporations are not patriotic entities on a mission to help the American public.

Our government changed the regulation on debit cards to help out small business owners by capping debit card fees.

First point, Bank of America didn’t decide on it’s own to help out small businesses during our economic crisis. Second point, Bank of America doesn’t respond to government regulations by saying: GREAT NEWS. We’re helping out small businesses. The economy will benefit.

No, Bank of America doesn’t want to lose profit. Extraordinary profit made from homeowners and bad loans and the ability to set fees because they’re the biggest bank in the nation. Instead, they decide to make the consumer pay $5 to use their debit cards. And they blame the government.

So who is in on the side of small business? Who is on the side of consumers wanting to spend their own money? Of course, our bank system with ebills and direct deposit now put us in a position where it is a HUGE PAIN to switch banks. They are geniuses who aren’t helping small business or individuals until their bottom line is taken care of.

The companies aren’t called for-profit for nothing. This need for regulation is true with medical insurance and the coal mining industry and daycare facilities and all these places that we think should be safe and reasonable are not helpful by choice.  Yes, one can only push a customer so far unless there aren’t any other companies selling milk or healthcare insurance or offering jobs, which also is regulated (some places better than others).

Those who believe that regulation is the problem and if we “just let business grow it would fix everything with innovation,” don’t understand the history of capitalism or what deregulation lead to (because they seem to have put on blinders during the past decade). Capitalism cannot be unfettered because it doesn’t work unfettered. Unless 14 hour work days on 50 cents an hour with no days off for anything including maternity or falling seriously ill, oh and child labor, are how people define “capitalism working.” Capitalism has always needs reigns to keep it from running people into the ground.  It is a balancing act and one we, the people, need to understand better.

Here’s Some of What I Believe

The American dream is about equal opportunity, not hiding our head in the sand about where opportunities come from.   Corporations already have too much power and the only controls available is the government whose elections are often funded by the corporations. If people don’t stand up and let themselves be heard today and on election day, we are no longer a democracy.

I may not agree with everything that Occupy Wall Street stands for, but if the movement give people perspective on the realities of greed and corporations in the United States, then they have done enough.

Can’t see the video? Click here.

I’m planning to do a follow up or two focusing on the wealth gap and maybe on the American dream.  My rant was too long for one blog post.

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Um, that doesn't fit on my keychain.

If You Think I’m Weird, You Should Meet My House

Our house has quirks.

You may have thought I covered those in the Psychotic Toilet Set Up, but I hadn’t even begun detailing my home’s “selling points.”

Why not start in the family room.  The floor of this well-loved room is supposedly taken from a 1780s farmhouse.  I spent the first year in our home convinced that I would be the first person in over 200 years who managed to destroy the hearts of pine floor in some attempt to clean/move/organize in it’s general vicinity. Until I realized that the proper translation of owning a 1780s farmhouse floor is: “Welcome to an old floor with giant gaps that better thought of as highways for the insects that used to live in your yard.”

It's like a creepy I-95. With less construction.

Moving on to the hallway, we have a Harry Potter bedroom underneath the stairs that all the neighborhood kids have written their names on. Quaint until we were told during the tour that UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES WERE WE ALLOWED TO PAINT OVER THE NAMES OF RANDOM KIDS WE DON’T KNOW. But, unless these kids are now wizards, I’m pretty sure I’ll be doing whatever I want with that door.

Scott's in there RIGHT NOW under his Cloak of Invisibility. Ooh. Ah.

We were then told that our living room fireplace was carved by George Washington. In between crossing the Delaware River and running our fledgling country, he carver MY FIREPLACE MANTLE along with 6-17 others.

It just screams GEORGE!

But the oddest is our front door, which wasn’t mentioned or really noted during the tour but has certainly rocked our world since we purchased this house.  The doorknob doesn’t work.  That’s right. It’s decorative.  But the strange hook below it? That’s how we open the door.  Which means every single guest that I have ever had to my home (at least ten people) thought they were trapped FOR LIFE when they attempt to leave. Because who thinks GIANT HOOK. Nobody, that’s who.

Please ignore the doorknob in front of your face.

Of course, the giant hook is locked with a giant skeleton key. DUH.

Um, that doesn't fit on my key chain.

This also means that, when my children decide the irresistible castle key would be perfect for their game of HIDE STUFF SOMEWHERE, we are screwed.

  1. If the front door is locked at the time of its hiding, WE CANNOT USE THE FRONT DOOR. (Oh hi friend! Can you hear me through the door? Please come around to the back. My kids locked us in.)
  2. Which is just slightly better than if the front door was unlocked because then WE HAVE TO GO OUTSIDE, LOCK IT AND COME AROUND TO THE BACK DOOR before we can go to sleep at night.

It was once missing for three days.  I found it in Harry Potter’s bedroom.

I’ve thought about getting a spare, but what is my local hardware shop going to do? Um, castle keys are aisle nine.

So we live among this chicanery. As it should be.

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