My Chocolate is Gross Face photo

What Is Thicker Than Blood?

Me to my toddler daughter: WHOA! What happened? Are you hurt?

My daughter steps closer and so does my freaking out.

Me: WHAT HAPPENED!?!?! You’re bleeding! OMG, are you bleeding?

I reach out to touch her forehead as she stares at me.

Me: Blood? Holy crap! Are you okay? ARE YOU OKAY? YOU’RE IN SHOCK!

I rub my finger and thumb together. Slightly confused at her lack of crying but fairly convinced we’re in SILENT CRY BUILDUP mode, I do the ultimate test.

Me: Oh wait, it’s just chocolate.


The chocolate taste in my mouth that is.

My Chocolate is Gross Face photo
My Chocolate is Gross face. (except white chocolate mostly because it doesn't look like blood)

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