Happy Birthday, Baby Girl. Thanks For Reminding Us We Should All Be Treated Like Princesses

I have a daughter in the best sense of the word. She is sassy, silly, gentle, funny, smart, kind, generous, thoughtful, and ever-present. My daughter calls me to be the best I can be. To not let her down. To not make her someone else. To cherish the very girl that she is and the woman she will be. To demand that others do the same.

A baby girl is born.
My baby girl at 1.
My baby girl at 2. She made that pin for me and then insisted on wearing it.
This is my baby girl just before turning 3. She's already a better dresser than me.

I am as proud of her for loving princesses and purple as I would be if she loved baseball and blue. I have no agenda for my daughter except a desperate desire to protect her from all the ways the world is hard on women. But I can’t. I tell her stories of triumph and courage. I tell her stories of sadness and hope. I knew that she would hurt, but it still breaks my heart every time. I hope that she will always find safe haven in my home and my hugs.

Rocking our princess dresses.

I love my baby girl. She makes me better than I am. She makes me a princess, too.

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Cheering For Our Private Parts

As I’ve written about before, we’ve made it a point to teach out children that proper names for their anatomical parts. And while we emphasize that those parts are private and special, we don’t want to imply that they are secret or weird. Which sounds pretty boring and fairly easy until we are all in the car. Together.

My daughter, N, spontaneously announces: I have a penis.

My son counters: No, you don’t. You have a vagina.

N is unimpressed: I HAVE A PENIS!

E: NO, YOU DON’T! I HAVE A PENIS, AND YOU HAVE A VAGINA. Girls have vaginas and boys have penises.

N, being the little feminist the she is, does not believe that all girls have vaginas. Or she is just enjoying how upset her older brother is getting (another fantastic feminist quality). Either way, she continue to tout her penis and my son continues to shout back about vaginas.

However, I, being an older and wiser feminism theorist, get nervous. I don’t want N to think penises are better. I want vaginas to seem just as cool.

So I think fast and talk loud because N is now screaming: PPPEEENNNNIIISSSS


And I raise my hand and yell like it’s the best thing to happen to me: MEEEEEEEE!

And N suddenly wants in and yells: MEEEEEEEE! I HAVE A VAGINA!

But I don’t want to emasculate my young son so I then yell: WHO HAS A PENIS?

And my husband and son quickly raise their hands and yell: MMMMMEEEEEEEE!!!

And we all cheer.

Also, this may be the one time feminists and cheerleaders are on common ground.

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