Me with a perm

Pinterest Tries To Murder My Hair

I decide I will have curly hair for Valentine’s Day because Pinterest and envy is my enemy.

I have always had pin-straight hair except for the two years my mom let me perm it in middle school.

Me with a perm
Talk about bad parenting decisions.

These days, after I shower, I roll my hair up in a bun and sometimes get light waves cascading down around my face because I’m too lazy to take it out before it dries. It’s actually why I have wave-ish hair in my bio picture.

Alex Iwashyna
Ooh, so much better than my genetics.

While I am perusing Pinterest because I’m finally allowed on the home page, an innocent, no-curlers, curly hair tutorial attacks me. No curlers! Gorgeous, wavy locks! Something I don’t have!

I click and read and think: TOTALLY DOING THIS.

The night before Valentine’s Day I shower (lucky Scott!) and decide it is the time to put this tutorial into action. Instead of one bun, I read that I should do multiple smaller buns. Easy enough. And when I finish, Scott walks by and says: Hi Miley.

Trying to get curly hair
OMG. And no, I won’t be twerking for you for Valentine’s Day.

I tell myself: It will be worth it. Just don’t let anyone see you before then.

The next morning, I jump out of bed mostly because four buns hurt to sleep on and welcome my beautiful, luscious curls.

My curly hair
My curly hair 2
Happy Valentine’s Day, Scott?

While my straight hair genes are laughing along with my family, I wonder if this is what Miley Cyrus looks like every morning.

After several hours, I manage to tame it enough to leave the house, but I learn a few valuable lessons.

Valentine's Day Hair

God gave my straight hair because I’m lazy, and Pinterest is trying to kill me. Or at least my hair and dreams.

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