Black Cat watching Dexter

Learning About The World From Dexter

I’ve been catching up on Dexter, and I’ve learned a few things over the seasons:

  1. Don’t move to Miami.
  2. Try to not kill people.
  3. If you must kill people, you have to be meticulous except all the times you don’t.
  4. If you decide on a life of killing, become a “lab geek” because almost no one suspects the lab geek.
  5. Surround yourself with good-looking people so if someone does suspect the lab geek, they can stop following up when they fall in love with one of your fine-looking friends or family members.
  6. Everyone you fall in love with will kill or be killed.
  7. Even the non-killers are crazy.
  8. The police are awesome and stupid and trustworthy and dirty and curse a lot.
  9. Cell phones are only traceable in other television shows.
  10. And finally, car crashes will get you out of any jam.
Black Cat watching Dexter
My cat watching Dexter with me.

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