Christians Should Be Concerned With How Many People Sing Their Songs So Badly

N draws God Is Everywhere.

As I mentioned awhile back, we are homeschooling our children in God. How’s it going? Well, every time the word “Sunday” is said, my kids yell: That’s when we talk about God! Yay!

Scott and I take turns teaching lessons the last a few Sundays. On my first week to teach, I decided to introduce music as a way to celebrate God and our love for God.

I’m a clapping, singing, crying in the joy of lyrics, Christian. The music rises up in me and HALLELUJAH I BELIEVE. I can’t imagine a church without music and here was my chance to make the choir sing every song I liked. It’s like God really DOES love me.

I compiled a Christian Worship playlist, which took HOURS not because I didn’t know what I was looking for, but because Christians seem to think just because God gave them a voice and access to an electronic keyboard, they should record hymns.

Oh sweet Moses, the 11th commandment should be:

Thy God liketh singing but do not go forth and recordth until more than just thy honored mother and father mention thou’s gift of voice. Thou can always sing in the shower (will be invented later) and pretend to be on iTuneth (will also be invented later by Black the Turtleneck).

I think popular Christian music suffers from the same problem the Star Spangled Banner has. Everyone who loves America knows the words so why not step up to the mic, add a few octaves and end on that patriotic note? The answer is BECAUSE YOU CAN’T and YOU SHOULDN’T and also, STOP RUINING THE SONG WE ALL LOVE.

For most of the songs, I had to download children’s choirs because it’s hard to roll my eyes at kids singing about God no matter how much the electronic drum beats are getting on my nerves.

Here’s my Christian Worship list:

They’ll Know We Are Christians By Our Love by Jars of Clay
Come Thou Fount Of Every Blessing by Jars of Clay

Where I gave in and just downloaded kids singing on Cedarmont Worship For Kids, Volume 2

God of Wonders
Rock of Ages
It Is You
Every Move I Make
Victory Chant
Come, Now Is the Time to Worship
How Great Is Our God
I Will Call Upon the Lord
You Are My All In All
Awesome God
You’re Worthy of My Praise

These we already had on CDs from Music Together classes:

This Train
This Little Light of Mine
The Water Is Wide
When the Saints Go Marching
May All Children
He’s Got the Whole World In His Hands

By this point in my church-y playlist, my ears were bleeding from all the easy-listening versions of Awesome God so I said a prayer for the people who attend those singers’ churches and stopped.

My ear trauma was worth it though. The Sunday morning lesson rocked. I brought up instruments, and we sang and danced as a family and as Christians and as people, and I thought: This is what loving God is all about.

Disclaimer: Some of the songs are amazon affiliate links so 4-6% of purchases go to Late Enough instead of Amazon, which is what Jesus would do.

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