The Funniest Text I Have Ever Gotten As A Parent

The words of this phone text were originally posted as an unrelated “ps” to another post, which I’ve always regretted because it deserved better, and I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed with stuff to do so took the opportunity to give it a new home.

I probably don’t have to say this, but the text is from my husband.


Full translation: Attempted to clean bathroom — our daughter tried to drown. While comforting her, the cat jumped in and tried to drown. While frantically trying not to die, the cat decided that pooping in the tub might save his life. While trying to drain tub to clean cat poop, our son started screaming about not getting to take a bath. Then our daughter slipped and fell on the tile all wet from her and the cat. So — the bathroom and the kids will need to be cleaned tomorrow. Thanks. #oldcollegetry

I cried from laughing so hard and not just because nobody ever told me cat poop could be a viable lifesaving device.

Oh and I clearly made my husband send my the text again without our kids’ names because I’m weird about their names being in google searches or used in comments, but I like how the text looks on the phone rather than just written out and my Photoshop skills suck because I don’t actually have Photoshop. He’s such a good blouse.

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