Jello Lava Erupting

Our Active Volcano Cake

If you’ve been following for any amount of time, you know we are a big fan of cake here. Not just eating cake although we will come up with any excuse for that, too, but (almost) every birthday, Scott and I create a cake for our kids based on what they love and a completely insane idea on our part.

This year, we made a My Little Pony Rainbow Cake for my daughter, which is awesome, but my son is very into volcanos thanks to a science camp he attended so I turned to Scott and said: We’re making a volcano cake!

Scott: Great!

Me: I don’t think you understand. We’re making AN ACTIVE VOLCANO CAKE.

Scott: Oh.

We’ve never had to go to the hardware store for a cake before so we ended up building it in the morning with the kids running around us rather than surprising them since we had no idea what we’d need and there wasn’t anything online to help guide us.

Four trips between the grocery store and Home Depot later we built our cake:

cake layers
Just three lonely layers in black and white.
Green icing
My son doesn’t like chocolate so we had to make a lush green volcano. I didn’t want lush green hands though and I can’t seem to remember to buy gloves.
lava tubing
Tubing for the lava.
lava attempt one
Attempt one to pump lava. FAILED. Not the tubing but the lava bag. We ended up using an icing bag you can buy an any grocery store.
Building the volcano cake
Building the volcano cake and adding the tubing was very stressful. We needed a smaller tube to unplug it from cake crumbs a few times.
Icing the cake
We decided to ice some of the cake with red-orange dyed frosting since we couldn’t work with chocolate icing. We also iced most of the tubing except the frosting bag.
Volcano cake
The volcano in the refrigerator. The volcano rocks are red velvet sprinkles we found at the grocery store. The rest are just regular sprinkles.
Volcano cake
I had a sign that said: “Mt. E has not erupted in 7 years!” Also I don’t know why some of my photos are so blurry except I was so excited I couldn’t keep my hands still. Sorry!

We debated the lava a lot because we didn’t want it to soak into the cake and we wanted it to be edible. Scott convinced me that Jello was the way the go. I was very skeptical until our test run. He’s a genius!

Jello Lava Erupting
I added an arrow because it’s hard to see in the photo even when I played with contrast although it went great in person.

I didn’t get a video, which I somewhat regret. It would’ve been cool for the blog and triumph for Scott and I’s cake-coolness-log, but I’m glad I wasn’t thinking of any of that while and just after singing happy birthday to my son. When did I become such a grownup? Was it Friday?

Who cares because the most important question still remains: Where do we go from here with our cake-making?

I’m just glad I have until April 2014 to find out.

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Preschool Alex

35 Years Old

Sometime around 2 A.M. on September 6th, I turned 35 years old.

I used to know the exact time I was born because it was IMPORTANT. My son finally asked what time he was born and subsequently debated whether to wait until 2:16 P.M. to call himself 7 years old. He decided to take on the whole day because who wants to wait until mid-afternoon to celebrate themselves? Fools. I’m not raising a fool.

Me and E
We almost had the same birthday, but E was sweet enough to arrive early.

The biggest change for long-heralded event of my 35th birthday was going back to brown hair , but my kids were so sad when I mentioned it that I’ve reconsidered. And by “reconsidered,” I mean “sticking with a fading blue streak while my gray hairs grow back in.” TRENDY!

Me and my daughter
My first birthday snuggle.

Otherwise, I’m still wearing the same clothing and doing much of the same stuff this year as last year. In fact, I’m trying to not do any new stuff in the fall because I want to experience un-busy-ness as my kids go to school for a little longer than they did last year. {raise fist} I’m tired of proving anything to anyone about what I do with my time. It just makes me and those around me exhausted and unhappy. {lower fist} And I’m pretty sure nobody cares what I’m doing anyway.

Preschool Alex
I think I still have that hat.

However, I was facing a moral dilemma. Scott asked what the kids could get me for my birthday. Usually I just ask them to make me something — a drawing or a card. But this year, with so much back-to-school stuff, I thought a picked-out gift would be easier on them. I asked for a new purse.

The day they went shopping, I began receiving texts and emails of purses, which I answered as quickly as possible, but our connection was slow.


And it turned out my kids thought I’d LOVED that orange and red purse. So if you see me with rainbow-streaked hair and a purse that matches it, just say GORGEOUS — especially if my kids are nearby. Think of it as a little birthday present to me. I’ve learned that life is small and short, and I really need to go now to celebrate it.

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