Living room

It Is Not A Redo When I Never Began Doing Plus A $100 Giveaway


We moved to a new neighborhood about 6 months ago. We love our house and neighbors, but after I got the kids’ rooms 90% done, I stopped working on anything decor-related. We keep it relatively clean and every room is functional, but our living room still looks like this:

Living room
One chair, three boxes and a table with photos underneath it. PERFECT! Welcome to my home!

In our old house, I had 6 weeks of planning and painting before we moved in and it turns out that is the difference between lovely and awkward. Just before we moved into our current home, we went to Chicago. I didn’t give up hope. I had so many grand ideas of how August would be while unpacking with two kids and no camps; instead, I went to the pool and left my family room as a dance hall.

fireplace room
The dance party ends at 7:30 p.m. at Club Iwashyna.

Now every room and idea feels overwhelming and uninspiring so I decided to start small. I’m going to (re)design the downstairs bathroom. It’s not a large enough project to send me running to a Netflix TV show binge, but it’s used often enough by us and guests that I don’t feel like all my work will be unappreciated.

I’ve already taken down the random giant towel rack and added our long mirror, trash can, and toilet paper holder. Otherwise, it needs a color-scheme beyond taupe-y yellow, a new picture, a new towel rack and a cohesive theme.

hallway bathroom
Our narrow bathroom from the doorway. The bathroom about 5×6, but we only get the full five feet by the far side of the toilet.
hallway bathroom 2
Wall with stuff.
hallway bathroom 4
I like the pedestal sink and our fixture.
hallway bathroom 5
The picture probably shouldn’t stay. I think a much longer picture would do better but maybe it’s too match-y match-y with the mirror. The ceilings are at least 8.5 feet so we could do something very large to length the room.
hallway bathroom 6
The pretty floor and, of course, a cat

I wanted to add this cabinet I love, but the bathroom is so narrow that peeing became dangerous. The thin room coupled with high ceilings, makes decor, like knickknack shelves, and practical considerations, such as keeping supplies of toilet paper or hand towels in the room, quite challenging. But I’m positive, if I start with this small, well-used room and blog about it, I’ll be motivated to finish the rest of the house. Everyone can stop laughing now.

However, my friend, advertiser and an excellent real estate agent, Shannon Milligan from RVA Home Team at Jefferson Properties, is helping to kick off my FINALLY DOING SOMETHING by giving away a $100 VISA gift card to a lucky Late Enough reader. She knows a lot about getting a home ready to sell or how to care for a home once you buy it so if you are in the metro Richmond area (city or counties), check her out!

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Mandatory Entry: To enter for the $100 VISA gift card, leave a comment on this post with a suggestion for my bathroom or what you did for your favorite redo of a room.

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Disclaimer: While RVA Home Team is a Late Enough advertiser, I was not compensated for this post. I just thought it would be cool because I heart my readers and advertisers and maybe I’ll actually get a room decorated because of you guys. 

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The Halloween-iest photo

Reading Stephen King Again And More Enough Links For You

I didn’t plan a single second of this photo. I just snapped it as quickly as possible because it is the Halloween-iest photo there is — or an ad for Stephen King.

The Halloween-iest photo
Put your Stephen King book down and THE SPOOKY STILL HAPPENS

I actually haven’t started the book yet. Throughout my tween and teen years, I read every King book out there and spent many nights both enthralled and terrified (until the end when I was often WTH? A SPIDER?).

Under The Dome is the first book I’ve bought by him in over a decade. I haven’t seen the miniseries, but I’d heard of it and the back of the book intrigued me like only King can. Plus, my son is entering the phase where he enjoys being scared — not Stephen King scared but Haunted House by local teens scared. I can’t wait until he’s a few years older staying up too late with flashlight and asking me where we buried our first cat.

When I’m not freaking myself out, I’m becoming more popular by reading and writing elsewhere.

My Other Hangouts (don’t tell my blog):

  • So Many Ways To Support Domestic Violence Awareness Month: On Richmondmom, I list out ways you can help with your time, wallet, or words. Go check them out and help.
  • How To Help A New Mom: On CloudMom, I had some great friends and family, who helped so much when I was a new mom, so I share what they did. (I met this blogger on the taxi ride leaving BlogHer ’13 and it ended up being a highlight of trip!)
  • Does God Want Me To Eat Organic Food?: On Progressive Christianity, use the brain God gave me to ponder the medical, environmental and Biblical side of organic food.
  • Awesome TV Shows: I am a stuck in bed in between our family activities because of my foot so I asked y’all on Facebook for TV shows to entertain me. You rocked with so many good answers that I wanted to share them with everyone.

Favorite Posts I Didn’t Read, I Mean, Write:

  • Copyranter: This blog finds amazing ads and people doing marketing right and wrong from the enlightening and horrifying U.N. Women’s ads using Google Searches to Tide’s Vine video spoof on the new movie Carrie. I may have a new favorite blog. (Cool.)
  • bipolar: From How Motherhood Changes Us, these are stories from interviews with moms and this one of an ambivalent (in the true sense of the word) mom of a mentally ill son gutted me. Perhaps because sometimes people are honest online for no reason but here the honesty matters on many levels. Read until the end. (honest and heart-wrenching)
  • Grim Reaper Prank: From MabeInAmerica on YouTube, The Grim Reaper advertises for a funeral home. “Have you thought about dying soon?”(heehee video)

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