Suggestions About Apple If You Are Concerned

This is given out at the show, The Agony and the Ecstasy of Steve Jobs, and Jen kindly sent it to me.  I haven’t seen the show nor have I researched these suggestions (although Steve Jobs is known for emailing back), but I decided to pass them along because they seem reasonable and you seem reasonable enough to decide for yourself.

What Happens Next?
That lies in your hands. If you choose not to ignore what you have learned tonight, here are some concrete steps you can take.
You Can Email Steve Jobs
Steve Jobs’ email is [email protected] He receives email sent here, and with surprising regularity he responds personally. Don’t abuse this email address. Please be firm, polite, resolute and clearheaded- remember, he has low tolerance for bozos. Tell him you have heard this story about Shenzhen and its working conditions, and let him know if it makes you Apple and its products differently. Ask him to take the lead- Apple could be the first electronics manufacturer to allow independent, outside verification of working conditions in factories. They could reform, and in doing so begin a revolution in working conditions for millions of people. Apple’s customer relations number can also be called at 1-800-275-2273, and if you have Apple stock, the investor line is 408-974-3123.
You Can Think Different About Upgrading
When Apple releases their next amazing device, you can ask yourself if you really need to upgrade immediately. Instead of pumping money and support into the electronics industries, you can step back, and try to only upgrade when it is truly needed, and drain some of the mania out of our endless upgrade cycle. Choosing not to participate is not only ethically defensible, but economically sensible- we pay huge premiums to buy brand-new technology at the moment it is released, and for many users it would save money if they weighed the human cost of each piece of technology, and became more stringent in their purchasing. You can push back.
You Can Connect and Educate Yourself
Like the beginnings of many movements, awareness counts. Making people aware of labor conditions in China, and the systems we’ve created to feed it, is an ongoing process. Organizations like China Labor Watch ( and SACOM ( work to track and hold accountable our largest corporations which routinely abuse, poison and exploit China’s people to make electronics. Apple is hardly alone-every major electronics manufacturer uses the same inhumane labor practices in the creation of their products. We are advocating for pressuring Apple specifically because they are industry leaders, but some may wish to call Nokia, Dell, Samsung, LG, Motorola and the rest.
You Can Tell Others
This is just one monologue- a single voice telling a story of a single experience. But if I have opened a door for you, consider opening the door for others. We do not like to think about China and its implications in our country, but that silence can only exist if we are complicit with it. Talking about it, thinking about when making purchasing decisions, and understanding it is not just symbolic. They are the first seeds of actual change. Do not be afraid to plant them.
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