Pregnant with N

My Kid Loves Her Teacher A Little Too Much

Obviously, I am so happy my children love their teachers. What parent doesn’t want their kids to gush over the learning and fun and classroom which their school teacher provides even if my daughter mixes up “mom” and “Mrs. X” a few more times than the person who let her live in her uterus for over nine months would expect?

Pregnant with N
You took up a lot of real estate those last few months.

Not this parent. I’m good with two moms if she’s happy at school.

First day of school N
Off to meet the greatest teacher on Earth. HOORAY!

Well… until her teachers is absent. Not only do my kids like their routines, I get subsitute reports that go a little something (exactly like) this:

Me: “How was your day today?”

N: “Terrible.

Me: “Why? What happened?”

N: “We had a substitute teacher, and he did everything wrong.”

Me: “Everything wrong?”

N: “Yeah, he didn’t do like Mrs. X.”

Me: “So it was wrong.”

N: “Exactly.”

And a month later:

Me: “What did you learn today in school?”

N: “I didn’t learn ANYTHING.”

Me: “You learned nothing?”

N: “We had a substitute. She didn’t know anything so I learned nothing.”

Now, I don’t know whether to follow up with the school to get the low-down on these subs or to just feel sorry for anyone who tries to take my kids’ teachers place.

N laughing
She’s laughing at all the people who aren’t Mrs. X. Good luck teaching, suckahs.

8 Things The Toddler Was Offended By This Morning

I stopped at eight because NAPTIME!

Things the toddler was offended by this morning:

  1. Waking up
  2. Not being allowed to crawl on the kitchen table
  3. Not being allowed to dive headfirst over the arm of the couch
  4. “Guess Who?” (yes, the board game, although who hasn’t been offended by a board game?)
  5. Not being allowed to drink coffee… even when offering to do it with fingers and toes
  6. Being held
  7. Not being held
  8. Feet

And it’s not even 9 a.m.. I’m pretty sure this is why the 😁 emoji was invented.

And why toddlers are so adorable.

Puff delivery. Party of toddler. Loving every emotional minute.
Puff delivery. Party of toddler. Loving every emotional minute.
Scott in Prana 2

#JustBeYou: My Husband Inspires Me to Be Me (and a $99 prAna Giveaway!)

I teamed up with prAna and Stonyfield’s delicious Oh My Yog! for their #JustBeYou campaign.

There’s no one who inspires me more to be myself than my husband who happens to love prAna shirts so we decided to try out their organic cotton jeans for their “Just Be You” campaign.

Now I just had to get a picture of how comfortable and good they looked…

Scott in Prana
You are not making this easy.
Scott in Prana 2
Scott in Prana 3
Come on! I need a picture for the post of you in the jeans.
Scott in Prana 4
I’m going to keep following you.
Scott in Prana 5
Even into the bathroom

I don’t even know if I need to say anymore because theses pictures and the completely unabashed way my husband has in being his goofy, adorable, comfortable with himself, self. These prAna organic cotton jeans are good-looking and comfortable, too, and he wears them constantly. It’s like they’re made out of organic Scotts but not in a weird way. Or in that perfectly weird way that we all admire in him.



To enter this fabulous #JustBeYou giveaway, show me your style and flavor by answering this question in the comments: Which flavor of Oh My Yog! and prAna style of organic cotton clothing (women or men) pair best to express who you are in the world? (For example, my husband wears his new prAna jeans in the RV while eating Oh My Yog! Quebec Blueberry because we love to looking as good as we eat while traveling.)

The winner will receive any in-stock prAna Organic Cotton Collection item up to $99!

Flavors found here:

Women’s Organic Cotton found here:

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The giveaway closes at noon EST on Thursday, November 12, 2015 and is open to U.S. readers only. I will use to chose the winner based on the comments below and notify them by email. The winner has 24 hours to reply with their full name and age, or I will have to choose a new winner and everyone will be sad except the new winner. Read official rules here.

If you can’t wait for the giveaway or don’t win, here’s a 15% off unique coupon code for all prAna products: JBYF15LE (Valid Nov 1 – Dec 15, 2015)

Disclaimer: I was also given up to $99 for any in-stock prAna Organic Cotton Collection item as well as coupons for Oh My Yog!, and I was offered the chance to give away another $99 for any in-stock prAna Organic Cotton Collection item to a Late Enough reader. YAY!