MFOS Reviews

All my reviews and giveaways are on a collaborative site called This Blogger Makes Fun of Stuff.

I began this site after I googled reviews for a board game I wanted to buy my son. Every review said exactly what was already on the box. Oh, and added YAY! I GOT THIS FOR FREE! So now I had four boring, unhelpful reviews that had no influence whatsoever on my decision to purchase the gift. Which peeved me. And diluted the whole point of bloggers reviewing products and having a VOICE.

So I found some awesome bloggers, Mandy of Mandyland and Carrie of The Sweetest and created a collaborative review and giveaway site with a one leading guideline: TELL THE TRUTH!

We review everything from the exciting to the mundane. BECAUSE WE USE BOTH. Often these are requested reviews but not always. Sometimes we just REALLY want you to know about a product. We will disclosure everything.

We hope your find our site helpful, trustworthy and hilarious.

It’s funny because it’s true.

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