Late Enough Swaggy Style

I have all this awesome swag!

Late Enough pins and stickers and business card

Do you want some? Email me ([email protected]) or DM me with your address!

And the stickers can be used to join our guerilla sticker campaign.  Put the sticker somewhere funny, cool, or weird and email me a picture and why.  I’ll blog you and your picture and your weird sense of humor.

Join up, join in, get down and dirty.  Or just be excited to get real mail for once.


9 thoughts to “Late Enough Swaggy Style”

  1. I was thinking of sticking them to traffic signs. You know, like when the peta folks stick “eating meat” stickers on the stop signs?

    Send me one. I’ll find somewhere good for it! Anyway, Elijah took the pin you gave me at BlogHer & stuck it on his key chain. (I’m not sure why.) I’ll email my address. x

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