Late Enough Series

I also write a few series on this blog….

Current Series

I Ask Advice: A current series — because Alex ALWAYS needs the help. I also began a variation, Ask Alex, on the request of a crazy reader. So if you are insane, please write in to ask me pretty much anything.

Thoughtful Thursday: A current series where I tackle the big and serious issues of the day. The comments are always phenomenal on theses posts.

Another Epilogue: More Popular Than… : This series is where I link to a current event or something funny or odd for you and then list links to articles and posts that I’ve written around the Internets over the last week or two. I love that you are willing to click over to the websites and people who support my writing. Thank you.

Older Series

Spiritual Sundays: This is an old series on my faith as a God-loving liberal. A few funny posts are mixed in because I can’t find a good way of linking to only the Sunday posts.

Quote of the Day: This is an old series where I post a favorite quote and write a little about it. Except a little became a lot became another post so I don’t do it much anymore. But I love words and miss this series the most.

WTH World! Why Are You So Hilarious?: Where I find funny things on the Internet and share them. I can’t decide if this series is old or current. Probably old since I’ve only done two. But you can head to my Tumblr for more.

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