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Alex Iwashyna
Alex Iwashyna

I am a versatile writer who can craft a thoughtful or humorous piece (or both!) on a variety of topic ranging from parenting and marriage to culture, politics and religion, from green living and health to writing, blogging and tech. I’m available to write a single article or on an ongoing basis.

Currently, I write twice a month for My previous articles on parenting fiascos, awkward social moments and cool Richmond, Virginia events are listed here. I also write monthly for about my personal experiences with God, parenting, spirituality, and life. These articles are listed here.

I’ve been interview by CNN and  Belle Magazine. I’m also an NFL blogger and consultant, and I work with many large and small companies on and off each year. In the past, I was a weekly staff writer for the nTelos Wireless company blog focusing on fun tech and spec pieces. The company hired me after I collaborated with them as Late Enough on a Father’s Day and a Back-to-School promotion. I was featured on Ford Motor Company’s website after attending a NASCAR race as their guest: A Silent Car at a NASCAR Race. A more local company, Romp n’ Roll hired me to write and consult on their blog. Read about my Romp n’ Roll adventures here. has syndicated and promoted multiple posts from my blog: Why Bother Being A Good Parent At AllI Don’t Write To Hurt You and I Believe You Don’t Write To Hurt MeFive Lame Things People Tell You About Blogging, and As A Mom, My Dream Is Not To Look Like A Teenage Girl.

I have also been an Editors Pick on Open Salon multiple times: What Did We Think Would Happen to Dr. Afridi?, Stop Voting to Ban Gay Marriage and I Can’t Write About My Eating Disorder.

I had two poems published, Confessions Of A Church Attending and My Thirteenth Birthday, as well as my poem on domestic abuse was used in a writing class in a New York women’s prison. I’ve also had three poems published in a chapbook, Sound & Sense, published by the Visual Arts Center of Richmond, Virginia.

If you’re interested in having me write for you on your website or mine, please email me at alex{at}lateenough{dot}com

Teacher and Consultant

I teach individuals and small businesses how to set up blogs and social media sites including Twitter accounts and Facebook pages as well as fine-tuning already established sites. My goal is to answer your questions, make suggestions and explain the inner-workings of your blog and social media accounts well enough that you won’t need me anymore.

I offer:

  • One-on-one tutoring on blogs, websites and social media for individuals interested in blogging for fun, for business or a bit of both.
  • Website and blog fine-tuning including the best setup and practices for interaction and social media integration.
  • Consultation on the best business social media and website practices and why blogging, Facebook or Twitter may (or may not) be right for you business.
  • I teach the Art of Blogging: Technical Side which takes the student from no website or a minimal website to a working blog, Facebook and Twitter page in 4 classes or about 10 hours. I was teaching it at the Visual Arts Center in Richmond. I am currently on sabbatical.

Please email me for specific rates and availability at alex{at}lateenough{dot}com.  I can do Google Hangouts as well as face-to-face blog tutoring.

Speaker and Facilitator

I am available as a guest speaker or facilitator for blogging, writing, social media or parenting groups:

  • I was a guest lecturer on blogging at Virginia Commonwealth University’s Social Media in Public Relations, a required course for Bachelor of Science in Mass Communications, in 2014.
  • I spoke at BlogHer ’13, the largest national blogging conference on Blogging the Unbloggable – Writing about hard topics without being hated – in Summer 2013.
  • I performed to 2 pieces from Late Enough at the Beyond Barbie: Piecing Together Today’s Woman lecture series in Fall 2011
  • I spoke at WordCamp Richmond, a day-long WordPress conference, on the best plugins in 2011.
  • I spoke on the panel for Social Media, Moms and Marketers for the Social Media Club of Richmond in 2011.
  • I spoke at a Nonprofit Learning Point class at Virginia Commonwealth University on the power of blogging and social media for nonprofits interested in having a strong Internet presence in 2011.
  • I created and facilitated a local moms group, Nobody Told Me!, through the non-profit Commonwealth Parenting from 2010-2011. Although I stepped down as a facilitator, the class continues to thrive.
  • I have been a guest speaker at various local pregnancy groups often focusing on the realities of motherhood — the good, the bad and the holy crap did that just happen?

Accolades and Testimonials

Don’t just take it from the awards, here are quotes from clients:

“Alex is a pleasure to work with. Even corresponding by email she is personable, friendly, patient, and kind. She also possesses an expert understanding of social and multi-media. I have a great deal of respect for Alex as a blogger and highly recommend her as a writer and brand advocate. I would love to work with her again in the future!” -Rachel (Sifteo Cubes Gaming System)

“We needed help moving our current website over to WordPress, and Alex was wonderful to work with.  She took the time to get to know our needs, offered suggestions, and helped navigate the whirlwind of options that we faced. I’m not sure if Alex has ‘WordPress Goddess’ on her resume but it would be an apt title.” -Rachel (CJ’s Thumbs Up Foundation)

“My partners and I refer to Alex as our Social Media Queen. She is our go-to person and has been extremely helpful. I’ve gotten so many compliments on the website (I credit Alex).” – Janet (Small Steps Films)

“I first found out about Alex through her blog,, and began to follow her with much interest. Her writing is insightful, humorous, touching, and most of all: real. Approaching Alex to write for my site,, was a no-brainer, as we have similar audiences (although my audience is locally based) and her content fits right in. Alex has created fantastic blog posts, taking extra time to help promote the work, and, via Twitter, Facebook, and on her blog and has truly become a great partner. I’d recommend Alex as a writer/contributor to any publication in a heartbeat.” — Kate Hall (

“One-on-one-training with Alex was superb! After her initial basic instruction on how to create my own blog website, I would email her issues I wanted to cover prior to our sessions. When I arrived, she was always prepared and quickly brought me up to speed in areas where I needed help. She is well worth her fee, because the instruction is tailored to the individual instead of generalized training that a group class would offer. I enthusiastically recommend Alex for all your blogging needs. (After I sent her a thank you email, she followed up with: “You’re welcome! I cannot fully put into words how helpful you were!”)” – Old G.A.L. (Art of Blogging student)

“Alex’s blogging class inspired me to start my own blog. Her sense of humor and attention to detail kept me focused, and with me that isn’t an easy task. Alex even found time to take it one step forward in one-on-one tutoring sessions. In either case, working with Alex was a rewarding experience.” – Joel (Art of Blogging student)

Boring but often asked for stats: receives an average of 35,000+ page views per month.

Based on internet averages, my blog is visited most often by females who are in the age range 25-44, have children, are college educated with incomes $60,000-$100,000+ and browse this site from home or school.

More statistics:

  • Facebook page + friends + subscribers: 1900+ with an active community
  • Twitter followers: 2750+
  • Google plus: 1300+
  • RSS + Email subscribers: 1000+
  • Google page rank: 4

I have text ads, graphic ads and sponsorship space available (large and longterm projects are negotiable):

  • Ad in sidebar: text link (2 lines) is $20/month. A welcome tweet with a direct link to your company is included in the monthly price.
  • Ad in sidebar: small graphic (eg. 125×125, 234×60) is $30/month. A welcome tweet with a direct link to your company is included in the monthly price.
  • Ad in sidebar: large graphic (eg. 250×250, 300×250) is $50/month. A welcome tweet and Facebook post with a direct link to your company is included in the monthly price.
  • Ad in post: unrelated topic is $50+ (size, number of links and graphics effect pricing) The post will be tweeted, posted on Facebook and Google+.

Discounts for bloggers and for multiple months purchased at once (up to 3 months at a time) are available for sidebar ads. Longer sidebar ads can be hosted by purchasing multiple spaces. All graphics and links must be approved for content, and all ads will follow Google’s protocol of rel=”nofollow” for any links.

I am always reaching out readers who are artists, crafters, writers and non-profits to work together. Click here to find out more.

I look forward to hearing from you soon regarding freelance work, speaking, writing, reviewing your product, advertising your product, or pitch me a creative idea and let’s see what happens.

Email Me:

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Alex Iwashyna (you can also write Awesome Alex or Late Enough Rocks)
PO Box 29551
Henrico, VA 23242

My phone number is available by request for non-sketchy people only.

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  1. Hi Alex,
    You are charming and funny! Do you have a price sheet that you can send to me for 1.) advertising on your web or blog site and 2.) Writing on my future web site.

    I’m just starting an eldercare employment agency and I’d like to have well-written text on it. I’m registering with my state gov’t (Connecticut) and they’ll let me know if one of the names for the company is available. I’m hoping for something like “Clear Choice Home Services” . Also, what are your fees for SEO services?
    Thank you.

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