Cat Face

WTH World, Why Are You So Weird (Edition C)

Random odd things that can only mean I’m weird, and I’d like your to accept it.

Goodreads just let me know that I’ve read “In Praise of Slowness: Challenging the Cult of Speed” for nearly two years.

In Praise of Slowness
I’m so good at this!

What is in this truck? X-Men? Pod people?

Weird Truck Cargo
I kept waiting for one to roll out and the apocalypse to begin.

Scott after I’m all ARE YOU AWAKE YET: I’m in the important ‘pre-moving’ phase. Ah, yes. My cats are in the phase constantly.

Cat Face
This is also her “are you worth moving for?” face. Scott gets that one as well.

The size of the tissue box I brought to my daughter’s preschool graduation.

For when I end up in someone else’s blog for being ridiculous I can claim copyright takedown.

I know I’ve been sporadic on my blog. I’ve aimed to write 2-3 times per week on Late Enough, but as the summer attacks, I will probably write less until I hit my rhythm in early July. I will also use that time to learn how to spell “rhythm” so I don’t have to watch my spell check basically point out that I’m so far off base it replies: Yeah right.

yeah right

Perhaps I should have made this one into 5 blog posts. I would’ve been all set. {sigh}

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walking dead red laces and tight jeans

People Still Wear Bras In The Zombie Apocalypse?

Scott and I are faithfully watching season 4 of The Walking Dead jump the shark, which means, while people are being eaten or are beating the brains out of zombies to not get eaten, our conversations are of more important matters:

Me: Jeans would not fit that tight anymore.

Scott: And I’m surprised how many people are still wearing bras.

Me: Exactly. Bras this far into the zombie apocalypse? Ridiculous.

Scott: You’d be all “DAY 2 OF ZOMBIES? SCREW BRAS.”

Me: And by season 2? I’m not even wearing pants. If I’m going to kill zombies and wander the world for years without hope, I’m going to be 100% comfortable.

Scott: But you’d definitely have Maggie’s kickass boots.

Me: With the red laces that aren’t dirty because I’d wash those laces every damn day.

walking dead red laces and tight jeans

{fist bump}

Scott: Wait, the episode just ended there? With the guy from Night Court?*

new walking dead characters

*Actually, it’s Josh McDermitt with a guy from several key episodes in the original 90210, but we’re still hoping for some courtroom antics.

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