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Late Enough Blackout: Stop SOPA and PIPA Because The Internet Should Be Open And Ours

LateEnoughStopPIPASOPA button

Most people think that because I’m a liberal, I like big government. Not true. I like my government limited; it’s just that my limits are in different places.

While I think the government should provide basic, quality healthcare for all our citizens, I don’t think that government should regulate my relationship between my doctor and I. This includes birth, birth control, abortion, surgery, palliative care, pain management and vaccines. In fact, the current government regulations in place between doctors and patients that I do support are because private health insurance companies were trying to screw over their customers and most have monopolies or are employment based so it’s tough to just leave.

While I think the government should protect us against discrimination, I do not think the government should interfere with some relationships and marriages and not others. In fact, I wonder why we have any government privileges when it comes to marriage. I know anthropologically, family units create a more stable society, but if that is the reason we reward people with special privileges for getting married, the government should be all over gay marriage. MORE MARRIAGE FOR ALL! I’d be happier having marriage as a religious ceremony and maybe a contractual agreement for any child and financial issues rather than letting only one segment of the population get married and having many bills to make sure it stays that way.

After my body and my bedroom, I would like the government to mind its own business when it comes to the Internet.  Two bills, SOPA (HR3261, Stop Online Piracy Act) and PIPA (S968, Protect IP Act), have made their way through the House and Senate, respectively. The details on how these would affect websites and start-up companies as well as not even solve the problem of piracy is outlined here and extensively detailed here.

Or watch this video.

This is why I have joined thousands of other websites including Reddit and Wikipedia in blacking out my site for 12 hours on January 18th, 2011.  Because while Late Enough may not have cursing, it does have a voice. A voice that could be silenced if either of these bills pass.

How you can help:

  • SOPA was aside for now (although could be taken up by the House again at any time), but PIPA is set for hearings on January 22nd. You can write your senators at this link: You can also find details there on how your website can join the blackout today.
  • It also doesn’t hurt to let you Representative know that you aren’t a SOPA fan either just in case they start looking at the bill again. UPDATED: SOPA will probably be taken up again in February. You can find your House of Representative’s information at and use any of the talking points of this post or the links above.
  • I also put protests up on my Twitter and Facebook profile pictures because they have both chosen not to participate in the blackout. You can add a banner to your avatar too by clicking here:

See you tomorrow.

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Hurricane Irene Hates Bloggers

I’m over 36 hours without electricity because Hurricane Irene also hates trees.

Hurricane Irene

So I’m typing this post on my phone from a tiny corner in my home that gets 3G Internet if I point my phone towards Mecca and wait 509 years. It took me 5 hours to upload that picture above so feel free to ooh and ah profusely. This blog post is also brought to you by auto-correct, which mocks my ability to spell by deciding that my constant struggles must be new dictionary entries. And by thinking 500 must mean 509.

I’ll write more when I can.

Ps. No need to feel sorry for me. But you can feel sorry for Huckle. A black cat in an electricity-less house gets stepped on A LOT.

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