Off to RV

I’m Back!

I’m back after taking most of the summer off of writing.

I wish I had some sort of interesting reason for my absence. I tried! I thought: Am I too happy to blog? Too depressed? Lost? Dazed? Confused?

I finally gave up on being reasonable and starting writing this post.


I actually have so much to tell everyone.

Off to RV

We went on our big RV trip and 5000 miles later, we’ve been to Yellowstone and back. I’ll need to write about it state-by-state though because we did so much in every state we visited so stay tuned for RV Trip Part 1: West Virginia (or some version of that exciting title). We had such a good time that we will probably be RV owners by the time I hit publish, and Late Enough can finally become the RV blog it was always meant to be.

Speaking of Late Enough, this blog was chosen as the best local blog by Richmond Family Magazine. I made Scott read the blurb to me because I was too anxious to hear how it was characterized, but the writer, Mary Helen Sheriff, perfectly captured this space.

I’m so far behind in telling stories that I never got to show off my sister’s wedding (or my matron of honor speech) from March although it got picked up by so many magazines, I’m sure everyone in the South has seen it. (That’s not going to stop me though!)

Of course, the wider world has seen so much turmoil as of late, and I obviously have opinions although I feel myself focusing less on the political side and more on the humanitarian side again. Did you know our last name, Iwashyna, is Ukrainian? I’ve run into a lot of interesting conversations because of it.

While I’ve missed writing in this space, our summer was definitely easier with me just focused on home and family rather than trading off work time with Scott. We’ve had tea parties, ice skating and rock climbing camps, general mayhem, and Pikachus. We had cookouts over fire pits and almost had the Virginia Beach Dog Mafia reject Lars. We had so many days in the high 70s and low 80s that I forgot to hate summer.

Maybe what I’ve realized is that I don’t NEED to write. I want to blog regularly but it’s not something I need to feel settled? I don’t know. I do know that in general, I feel less attached to having to do this or that. Buddhism, here I come! (Actually, we are trying out a new Christian church in the country, and the organist invited my son to play! Compliment my kids and I’ll be a fan for life!)

Okay, I hope that your July was wonderful and I’ll see you here more often for sure.

PS. It’s hard to hit publish after 8 weeks. Here we go! WHEEEEEEE


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Ricky's Spooky House

Edgar Allan Poe As A Children’s Book (Plus A Giveaway)

A local Richmond author and friend of a friend took an Edgar Allan Poe work and made into a children’s book.

Ricky's Spooky House
Ricky’s Spooky House

There will be a subset of people who read that first sentence and say YAY! without a flinch. Others will be a little concerned. Both will be happy to hear the book pulls off Edgar Allan Poe without scaring the bejesus out of little kids. (I didn’t just write that so I could use “bejesus” — okay maybe a little.)

The book is based on the The Fall of the House of Usher (feel free to click that link for the synopsis. I did!) but without the dead/back-from-the-dead body (unless you take “sleep is the twin of death” very seriously). The illustrations are haunting and beautiful (and available as postcards!). Although the book is geared towards 2-5 year olds, even my 7-year-old was drawn to the book, and I loved it as a jumping off place to talk about Poe.

Edgar Allen Poe as a children's book
But my 5-year-old love it best.

The best news is Micah Edwards and Tom Brown may collaborate on more books based on Edgar Allan Poe. I’m pulling for The Tell-Tale Heart mostly because I heard a beating heart for weeks after my first reading of it.

The second best news is they’ve agreed to giveaway a book for one lucky Late Enough reader.

To qualify for any Late Enough giveaways you have subscribe by email, RSS, Bloglovin, or newsletter. If you already follow along (or just signed up), enter this book giveaway by leaving a comment on this post letting me know what favorite author or tale you would like to see as a children’s book. “Easy peasy,” as Poe would never say.

This giveaway ends on June 11, 2014 at noon EST and is open to U.S. readers only. I will use to chose the winner based on the comments below and notify them by email. If you use Facebook to comment, please include your email address in the comment. The winner has 24 hours to reply, or I will have to choose a new winner and everyone will be sad except the new winner. Read official rules here.

If you can’t wait for the giveaway, buy Ricky’s Spooky House for the coolest kids you know.

Disclaimer: I was sent the book and offered to do a giveaway for free because I like books and local authors and Edgar Allan Poe.

THE WINNER IS TARA (who found out right after the giveaway ended, but I forgot the update this post! So sorry!)

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