Maya Angelou School Presentation

Thank You Maya Angelou (PS. Do I Tell My 7-Year-Old?)

I shared in the world’s mourning of the inspiring and forever-missed Maya Angelou mostly by listening.

As famous people, who have impacted our lives, pass away, Scott and I will discuss it, but I have never had to tell my kids. They don’t watch the news so most of the famous people they care about are cartoon who never seem to die. However, my 7-year-old son did his first school report on Maya Angelou. He learned about her childhood and taught his class about her impact on the world. And as age and birthdays are paramount in elementary school, there was much discussion around her still being alive by him and his classmates.

Maya Angelou School Presentation
My favorite part was the recording device because hearing a poem is so magical.

I don’t exactly know how to address her death with him. He spent so much time reading about her and listening to her words that I feel we should discuss it. It will matter to him, and we have never shied away from discussions of death (although they rarely go as I plan). Obviously, I’ve put it off for days. I tell myself I’m waiting for the right moment, but maybe I’m waiting until it’s too late to tell him or until someone else brings it up. Maybe I’m convincing myself he doesn’t need to know. But he does. We should all spend a moment thanking her before we carry on.

When I’m not over-thinking things in between grieving the loss of great people, I’m becoming more popular by reading and writing elsewhere.

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