Shark Week Ends Everywhere But Here

While perusing our Ranger Rick, Jr. shark feature:

Me: Once, when I was snorkeling in Belize, I saw a Nurse Shark in the water with me. And even though I knew they don’t attack humans, when it turned to me and our eyes met, I freaked out and swam away. Slowly. Heart-poundingly.

I pause for the oohs and ahs. (Photo Wikicommons)

My 7yo: What did you do when you saw it?

Me: {what?} Um… I freaked out and swam away.

My 5yo: Did it eat you?

Me: {seriously?} Yes. I’m your ghost mom.

My 5yo: NO. {eye roll — hers not mine} I mean did it put you in its mouth and then you swam back out.

Me: Oh, okay.

Rather than thinking my kids don’t listen or care or they think we live in a cartoon, I’m going to pretend they work for the Discovery Channel:

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