Shark Week Ends Everywhere But Here

While perusing our Ranger Rick, Jr. shark feature:

Me: Once, when I was snorkeling in Belize, I saw a Nurse Shark in the water with me. And even though I knew they don’t attack humans, when it turned to me and our eyes met, I freaked out and swam away. Slowly. Heart-poundingly.

I pause for the oohs and ahs. (Photo Wikicommons)

My 7yo: What did you do when you saw it?

Me: {what?} Um… I freaked out and swam away.

My 5yo: Did it eat you?

Me: {seriously?} Yes. I’m your ghost mom.

My 5yo: NO. {eye roll — hers not mine} I mean did it put you in its mouth and then you swam back out.

Me: Oh, okay.

Rather than thinking my kids don’t listen or care or they think we live in a cartoon, I’m going to pretend they work for the Discovery Channel:

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Goodbye Forever Preschool

My daughter graduates from preschool this week. I have mixed feelings on the subject mostly because I watched a video that made me WANT A BABY RIGHT NOW.

But this is our last preschool go around as far as I know and it makes graduation just a little bittersweet. Mostly for me since I think she’s happy to hang out all summer long in her pajamas with me and E and Scott.

This year has been so full of change and growth. She began reading and writing stories. She’s learning math and fell in love with science. But the best part of her school work is she puts a tiny, stick-figure dog on everything she does. EVERYTHING.

I circled it for you just in case you thought it was a rainforest creature.

It’s like I gave birth to the artist formerly known as my daughter. I hope she never stops.

Her confidence level over the last year has skyrocketed. She’s speaking up for herself and trying new things like gymnastics and ice skating and the Tower of Terror!

Six months and a world apart.
Tower of Terror maybe didn’t go as well as gymnastics, but she was proud of herself for doing it.
Ice skating lesson
Her first lesson was made even more spectacular when she fell and got right back up again and skated.

I love our moments together, and I’m so proud of this amazing girl!

On Mary's Rock
I focusing very hard on taking this photo and not on the giant drop behind us.
My Rockstar
Rocking out to Frozen. Shhh, mom don’t help.
Sunglasses family
The two coolest kids in school.

I’ll miss having as much time together to goof off as she ventures on to elementary school (after 12 weeks of summer but STILL).

Happy Graduation Day to my favorite girl in the whole world, and thank you for making me a better person.

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