About Alex

Why yes, my first headshot is of me in my pajamas.

My name is Alex. You may also know me as Alexandra, Big Al, and the Alex Iwashyna formally known as Alex Nelson. I write Late Enough, which is named for the Mary Oliver poem, The Journey.

Late Enough is a humor blog, except when it’s serious. I blog about my life intermixed with important ramblings on my husband fighting zombies, awkward attempts at friendship, my kids outsmarting me, and dancing like everyone is watching. I also have a soft spot for culture, politics, religion and our right to disagree. Along with my muse of a husband, two young kids, four cats, one puppy, I have a readership that gives me hope for humanity.

I am also a freelance writer, poet, consultant for individuals and companies looking to blog or improve their social media skills. I taught The Art of Blogging the Visual Arts Center, created a moms’ support group for the nonprofit, Commonwealth Parenting, spoken to local pregnancy groups on the realities of motherhood as well as various social media groups on my experiences as a blogger. For details of my experiences in writing, speaking and consulting please click here.

Here are more nitty-gritty details:

The rest of the family is much cooler than me.

  • Scott has been my husband since 2003. He’s a pediatrician and all-around goofy, soccer-loving, blog-inspiring, hilarious man.
  • E has been my son since 2006. He’s the oldest, sweetest and all-around energetic, sports-loving, math-solving, hilarious boy.
  • N has been my daughter since 2009. She’s the youngest, sassiest, and all-around easy-going, princess-loving, dinosaur-roaring, hilarious girl.
  • My four cats: Loki, Juno, Huckle and Nugget Hamburger
  • My one dog: Lars, the rescue dog from Texas

We are a Yankee couple who bred Southern children and secretly love living in Richmond, Virginia not only for the blog material nosy Southerners give me.

My path to Stay at Home Mom and Writer (yes, they are capitalized to sound important) was convoluted:

  • Received my B.A. in Political Philosophy from Brown University in 2000
  • Received my Medical Degree from the University of Virginia in 2006
  • Realized I want to stay home with my kids in 2006
  • Remembered that I love to write in 2007

Oh and my journey also included a conversion: from an atheist/deist/agnostic Republican to a God-loving/Christian-y Liberal. Fairly inconvenient when I’m trying to fit into the twitter-verse, blogosphere and outside-ville. (That last phrase isn’t catchy AT ALL. Totally explains why Americans are in front of a screen more than a tree. Tree sounds totally boring. And itchy.)

So here we are. Writing. Blogging. Parenting. Plus, I have a book of essays that are DYING for me to write. I’ll just have to make the time. Sleep is overrated anyway.

Find all the ways to contact me here or just email me now alex{at}lateenough{dot}com.

Oh and my daughter gave me an updated headshot. Fantastic, right?

I’m adorable.