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Irreverent Reviews: Who Knew I Needed A Grape Cutter?

This post is sponsored by Stonyfield Organic and OXO Tot.

When I was pregnant with my first child, there were a lot of things that I almost fell for. Like warmers for baby wipes. And diaper genies. I didn’t realize a crib could be unnecessary for the first six months and the pacifier wouldn’t change a thing about breastfeeding.  And how much yogurt a family with one toddler would eat.

I learned and made better choices for baby number two, and by the time baby three showed up, I knew what we needed and what was ridiculous. Or so I thought.

As it turns out, over the last decade there have been some innovations. Like this weird swing thing that moves around rather than back and forth. I didn’t bother buying it but the weird swing seemed much cooler than any swing we’d ever had and I was quite impressed with how many moms insisted I purchase it.

I did however discover the OXO grape cutter. I would’ve scoffed in the store but my friends at Stonyfield teamed up with OXO to give their bloggers of babies and toddlers some cool stuff.

OXO Toddler Set
Oooh!! OXO Tot!

And immediately my pediatrician husband grabbed the grape cutter.

Grape Cutter Joy
Look at all that joy and genius and safety!

I serve grapes and not the tips of fingers pretty much every day rather than that one time I have 30 minutes to slice choking hazards. Even my 6 year old prefers her grapes sliced much to my chagrin.

Speaking of my bigger kids, they definitely stole the fancy OXO water bottle, but the baby is not into straws beyond shaking them at me like I’m an off-beat tuba in the orchestra. The adults use it, too, since it’s nice to have the straw slide back in allowing for no possibility of spills because let’s face it, age doesn’t preclude spillage.

We also use the plate and silverware often probably because the toddler wants to do everything the big kids do — including using a plate — although mostly the plate is a frisbee in which to feed the dog. But it is not broken so let’s give credit where credit is due.

Divided Plate with Removable Ring
Yummy frisbee!

We liked the bib, but the baby has become The Hulk when we attempt to put on any bib so no one should take that personally, and as usual, the snack container was more like a human hand trap, but I’ve never met one that isn’t so maybe it’s me.

If you have to pick one wonderfully unexpectedly useful thing to buy a new mom, go with the grape cutter, and you’ll be QUEEN OF THE PLAY GROUP in no time. Or ignore me all together but here’s links to everything I mentioned:

Disclaimer: I am a Stonyfield blogger and was given the OXO Tot package for free although obviously my opinions are my own or at least the toddler’s.

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4 thoughts to “Irreverent Reviews: Who Knew I Needed A Grape Cutter?”

  1. I am totally getting the grape cutter for baby #2 …the time saving alone!!!!! We’re getting ready to introduce solids so this is super timely! Hope all is well!

  2. Now I’m tempted to out the lettuce slicer that I mocked when my cousin put it on her wedding registry. Maybe it really does provide a superior lettuce slicing experience. Who knows.

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