Kids by the creek

RV to Maryland: Where the Creeks Are Rivers and The People Are Healing

“I don’t think their definition of a creek is the same of ours.” -Scott

Conococheague Creek
That’s a river.

We stayed on the Conococheague Creek in Maryland. For our first night, I always chose something close by and laid back so we have lots of time to spare for last minute packing and errand running as we once forgot pillows. But with a baby, we didn’t do any drive beyond 3.5 hours so we could be flexible and happy the entire trip. And it worked!

The kids loved this campsite in part because our neighbors were the nicest couple. The husband was a veteran with traumatic brain injury, and he had a true gift with children. He taught them to build a fire and gave them part of his army pack. He still carried it everywhere just in case he needed to leave quickly, and I think that giving the kids part of his pack was a way to let go of some of that war readiness.

Kids by the creek
Laying by the cr-iver with the fire they built with our neighbor.
RV set up
Yes, our RV set up is always this sweet.
N coloring
Coloring by the creek
E reading
Reading by the fire
Me in the hammock
Kicking back with a concerned look on my face because who gets to lay in a hammock with three kids?
Darkness falls but the big kids keep going in their pajamas.
One lane bridge
Good morning! Time to go by heading over a one-lane bridge towards Pennsylvania.

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