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KonMari Cannot Convince Kids To Get Rid Of Books (Parenting Win?)

We are still KonMari-ing, but we have entered the most difficult phase of our never-tidy-again existence: THE KIDS’ STUFF.

Clothing is one thing because we have size and dirt and seasons but books? toys? My kids love everything! And how do you tell a kid to not like a book? Plus, as a foster family, we can talk ourselves into keeping any book for any age.

But we got rid of so many of our own books that our expectations were still high. Too high.

As you may remember, we started out with this downstairs.

So Many Books
Books. We love to love to you.

We also had two more bookshelves of kids’ books upstairs, which I didn’t take pictures of but here they are in piles downstairs.

Kid Books
They just keep coming.

The big kids were not only adamant about keeping most of their books, they were very sweet and made sure the baby wasn’t left out of the book-keeping mojo they had going.

Box of giveaway books
We managed to give away one big box of books.

It was tough but at least our shelves look nice and neat now!

E Bookshelf
E’s KonMari bookshelf in his room.
N bookshelf
N’s KonMari bookshelf looks sad, but she asked for most of her books to be kept downstairs and now we had the room!
Kid Bookshelves
Much neater and full of books for N and T and a few for E as well!

While I’m proud of all the organizing we have accomplished so far, I’m terrified of our upcoming adventures in toys and furniture. We will be sitting on the floor and staring at each other in no time.

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