Irreverent Reviews: Homemade Ice Cream Is As Easy As Rolling A Ball (sponsored)

Thanks to my partnership with Stonyfield Organic, we made ice cream with YayLab!’s SoftShell Ice Cream Ball™ 

We’ve always wanted to make homemade ice cream, but I’m terrible at desserts beyond my kids’ birthday cakes. Scott had seen these ice cream balls online, but we hadn’t made the plunge because we couldn’t imagine ice cream being as easy as rolling a ball for 15 minutes. Luckily, Stonyfield rescued us from our lack of homemade ice cream and faith in balls.

For our first time, we decided to make vanilla frozen yogurt in honor of Stonyfield.


  • Stonyfield Vanilla Whole Milk Yogurt
  • Ice Cream (Rock) Salt
  • Ice
Ingredients – easy to find at the grocery store.
Putting them together
Working together to fill the ball. One side with yummy yogurt and one side with ice and rock salt.
Making ice cream
Next time, I would put the rock salt then ice because everything overflowed and not in a good way.
Start rolling for ice crem
We put the tops back on and start rolling for ice cream. (Definitely review the rules of no kicking or throwing before playing with the ball or overflowing rock salt will be the least of your mess)
Rolling the ice cream
Five minutes later: More rolling? Seriously?
Dog making ice cream
Only the dog stayed interested during the ten minutes. I’m thinking of enrolling him in a gifted dog program.
Add more ice
Add more ice after ten minutes and scrape the sides (which we did a poor job on and paid for it!)
Ice cream scrapings
After another 5-10 minutes, we had frozen yogurt although scraping the sides was not fun. I would’ve checked every few minutes after the 10 minute mark had I known the workout in store for me. I hate working out.
Yummy homemade ice cream
All worth it! No one was lost interest in the ice cream.

You can purchase YayLabs! ice cream ball here or on Amazon (currently with a $5 coupon). I’ve also seen it at LL Bean and REI.

Disclaimer: Stonyfield teamed up with YayLabs! to provide Stonyfield’s blogger team with them for free plus a coupon for Stonyfield yogurt. I was not told what to say or eat.

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