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My Sister’s Wedding: Happy One Year Anniversary!

Between my sister’s birthday and her one year wedding anniversary is the perfect time to FINALLY post about her amazing Southern wedding. (Seriously, she’s been featured in like eight magazines.)

My first worry was my kids being able to stay up late enough for auntie’s big day (weekend!) especially since we were all in the wedding so I did what any loving mother and sister would do: I didn’t adjust our family to daylight savings time.

Our bubble of Central Time in Charleston, South Carolina paid off because everyone had a blast! (then we held on for dear life until summer time)

And now I’m going to do a bit of a picture dump because they are prettier than my words.

When in doubt, bring more shoes.
Fake bouquet face
The bouquet from the bridal shower/rehearsal. I don’t think my daughter will be getting married any time soon.
Rehearsal dinner lips
This is pretty late into the rehearsal dinner so who knows what we were trying to do. Be fish? Sad fish?
Gettin ready
Getting ready with the big girls is a serious affair
Getting ready 2
Not really. PS. She picked a Frozen inspired hairstyle. Obviously
Greatgrandmother pearls
Putting my great grandmother’s pearls on my little sister. Be still my heart.
Photo credit: Dana Cubbage Weddings 2014
Beautiful bride
My beautiful sister.
Photo credit: Dana Cubbage Weddings 2014
Favorite people
My favorite people!
Photo credit: Dana Cubbage Weddings 2014
Happy couple
The happy couple! (They did the non-traditional photos before the wedding. It’s funny because my wedding was as traditional as you can get without bringing cows for my dowry — well, besides the gogo boots.)
Photo credit: Dana Cubbage Weddings 2014
ring bearer and flower girl
The ring bearer and flower girl ready to go. E’s face didn’t change the entire walk down the aisle. No funny business allowed.
So much love (especially for the amount of smiling one has to do for photos at a wedding)
Photo credit: Dana Cubbage Weddings 2014
The boys
They both look so grown up here. (Yes, I have no photos of the ceremony. It was beautiful, but they were more party-at-the-reception kind of people so let’s stick to the spirit of the wedding.)
My boy
Wait, when did he turn 25?
Photo credit: Dana Cubbage Weddings 2014
My kids personalities
My kids captured to perfection.
Photo credit: Dana Cubbage Weddings 2014
MOH Speech
I felt so much pressure for my maiden of honor speech because I’m a writer! (which my sister carelessly threw out at me a month beforehand). Did I succeed?
Photo credit: Dana Cubbage Weddings 2014
Laughin at MOH speech
YES I DID. There are at least four other laughing pictures but I will spare you more of my glory.
Photo credit: Dana Cubbage Weddings 2014
Dancing Man
We all boogied down into the night but this one only broke out his moves for ROCK N ROLL.
Photo credit: Dana Cubbage Weddings 2014
Sleep flower girl
This slow dance is just before N fell asleep. We should’ve put her on mountain time.
Me in pjs
The wreckage the next morning

I love having a new brother-in-law and seeing my sister so happy as an old married lady. Thank you for letting us be apart of your adventure. Happy anniversary!


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