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Irreverent Reviews: Stonyfield Products Oh My Yog! and OP (sponsored)

Over the last few years, Late Enough has teamed up with Stonyfield because they’re tasty and nice, and sometimes this means that I get to try out a new product (or two!) and tell you about them.

This month, I got to try Oh My Yog! cream top yogurt and OP Organic Protein drink.

Stonyfield New Products
Mmmm, yummy yogurt products.

I still remember the first time I had cream top yogurt. Back then, it was only available at our one local, organic grocery store, and after my first bite, I was so angry people had fed me anything else for the past two decades. How could they have kept such deliciousness away from my heart, soul and mouth? Stonyfield’s Oh My Yog! does not disappoint. In fact, it’s amazing. Oh My Yog! is a whole milk, cream top trilayer organic yogurt. I tried Madagascar Vanilla (thumbs up but I love vanilla everything) and Orange Cranberry (which I liked a lot and that surprised me because I usually only like actual oranges and the idea of cranberries). In fact, my one complaint is that Stonyfield only sent two. (Seriously, guys, send more anytime.)

Poor OP Organic Protein drink had to come next. The protein drink was good as far as protein drinks taste — I would definitely grab it on the go, and with three kids, I don’t sit down to eat very often — well, except for our family dinners where I can’t get my son to stop reading, I can’t get food to my mouth because I’m feeding the baby, and my daughter is refusing to put food in her mouth because it’s gross. Oh and my husband is shovelling food in his mouth so he can help without being hangry. Anyway, I tried the vanilla, and Scott took the chocolate for the team (you know how I hate chocolate everything). He liked it enough to drink the strawberry before I could (shakes fist in air). I’d definitely buy them over some of the weird protein drinks Scott has brought home, but if you aren’t into extra protein or working out, I spend money on cream top yogurt every day of the week.

Anyway, if you’re in the grocery store, grab one, grab both, grab me an Oh My Yog! and we can be friends for life.

Oh My Yog!
Picture yourself buying this for me. Feels good, right?

Disclaimer: Late Enough is a Stonyfield Yo-Getter Blog, which is why I was given these to review by Stonyfield. (Although I’m not technically listed on their website anymore. I’m sure it’s not personal. {insert awkward face emoji})  I was not told what to write. Obviously.

Oh and “Irreverent Reviews” is a sometimes series I’m starting on Late Enough. The other name I’m considering is “Irrelevant Reviews,” but it’s still in committee.

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  1. I bought Oh My Yog yesterday at the grocery store after reading your post. I eat a TON of yogurt! I took one bite of the Pacific Coast Strawberry and literally said out loud “Oh my God!” It’s AWESOME! Thanks for the recommendation!

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