Hospital TV


I don’t have much time to write because the baby has RSV, and we’re living at the hospital right now. Everything’s stable but improvements would be nice so feel free to send good thoughts and prayers

I’m going on 30+ hours with only an hour and a half of broken up sleep so I should probably stop writing before I get myself in trouble — let’s just say this experience makes me very happy I left medicine when I did.

Hospital TV
And not just because this channel didn’t distract me from the FINALLY SLEEPING baby being woken up for armpit temperatures.

UPDATE 1: Not everyone has had the pleasure of meeting RSV (respiratory syncytial virus) so here’s a link to the cdc on it: Basically, it’s a virus that makes it hard to breathe for babies and old people. The rest of us just get a cold.

UPDATE 2: Baby is improving! Thanks for all your love and prayers.

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