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Random Quips Which Made Me Smile Through The Tough Weeks

Although the baby wasn’t in the hospital last week, he was still really sick so these are little things which made me laugh but I couldn’t find the time to post.

Random quip 1:

At the hospital the other week, we were asked about religion.

Nurse: Do you have a religious preferences?

Me: No. Because if something goes wrong, I want everybody to show up.

Luckily, nothing went wrong, and the baby is happy and healthy once again.

Random quip 2:

I don’t think Pandora understands who Ani DiFranco and A Tribe Called Quest are…

Pandora Suggestions

Random quip 3:

I was reading a home decorating magazine (stop laughing) and discovered this questionable decor decision.

Butt Art Is Our Art
Well, I guess this family defines themselves by Butt Art.

The Internet also entertained me during those tough weeks (but I wasn’t awake enough to write down the websites they’re from — I’ll update if I figure it out.)


Think about it.


Thank you for being support and kind these last few weeks. xoxo

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