Hagrid, Norbert, Hermione, Harry

Harry Potter Solves Our Halloween Problems

Halloween debates went down to the wire with an especially big struggle for my daughter: “I want to be a cat, AND I want to be Hermione.”

Conveniently, we are reading the Harry Potter series with the kids, and I pointed out when Hermione mistakenly put a cat hair instead of a human hair in her polyjuice potion, she became a cat.

Problem solved!

N Curlers
Creating Hermione hair or as my sister said: It’s Promoween!
Harry Potter
E didn’t want to wear real glasses. Scott and I tried not to be offended as we drew the glasses on his face.
Hagrid, Norbert, Hermione, Harry
We brought it all together as Harry and Hermione after she messed up the polyjuice, plus Hagrid and Norbert the dragon!
Harry and Hermione Costume
A close-up of Hermione and Harry Potter and sneaky bunny ears.

Although I think my greatest triumph was putting away all the Halloween decorations right after we turned off our porch lights.

No more happy smiles by the creepy gravestones. Sad for everyone involved.
No more happy smiles by the creepy gravestones. Sad for everyone involved.

Alex Iwashyna

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10 thoughts to “Harry Potter Solves Our Halloween Problems”

  1. I was thinking of the polyjuice solution the minute I began reading…
    Great minds think alike – even though Halloween was weeks ago.

    Still, I didn’t decorate until October 31st this year so our cobwebs and spiders and pumpkins are still in our front yard. Yes. We are as popular with the neighbors as you can imagine.

    Can’t wait to put my Christmas lights up and keep them there until Valentine’s Day.

  2. Somehow I am just seeing this post. You guys look awesome – I love that you always do a family theme together! I’m especially impressed by Hagrid.

    Embarrassing fact: our Halloween decorations are still up! (The Christmas/winter decorations have been sitting in their bins waiting to be unpacked for a month. Now the question is whether to put them up or just take everything down. But both options are SO MUCH WORK.)

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