RV Trip 2014

RV Trip Part 3: Indiana

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RV Trip 2014
Indiana! Where kids are treated like they actually know things.

The first thing we did after arriving in Indiana was a resounding round of mini-golf at the Richmond KOA.

Indiana mini golf KOA
KOA mini golf — where DIY meets kid joy
Pikachu mini golfing
Pikachu was just slightly better than Scott.

We woke up to Father’s Day and Scott was faced with a choice: The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis or Lincoln’s home in Springfield, Illinois. Well, the pediatrician shockingly chose the museum, and the kids yelled, “Happy Father’s Day!” a lot louder.

Father's Day Gift
Scott’s Father’s Day present was a fantastic photo from my sister’s wedding with a special USA World Cup scarf.

The Children’s Museum was the most amazing, shaming-of-all-other-museums, place I’ve ever taken my kids.

Front of The Children's Museum of Indianapolis
Holy crap that’s a three-story dinosaur checking out the museum.
The dinosaur section was phenomenal and not just because it had a biodome that changed weather and time.
The dinosaur section had a biodome that changed weather and time and taught the kids and Scott and I so much.
Dinosaurs and peekaboo
Can you find my son?
The full moon came up while a group of kids were led by an employee to find out how an elderly allosaur died.
The full moon came up while we were working with a group of kids and an employee to find out how an allosaur died.
Fossil digging
Dig for fossils after viewing real ones.
Train station time
We moved on to running the train station. Scott was put on a train to California. We brought him back when I reminded the kids it was Father’s Day.
Trains, trains, trains
One is the conductor and one is the engineer — pretty much all the time.
Electric Trains
The electric trains went all through the area with so much interesting facts (yes, even interesting to the kids).
Looking up
Glass art ceiling
This is what we are seeing.
Chihuly ceiling
Fireworks of Glass
Then we came up the stairs and saw a 43-foot glass sculpture by Chihuly called Fireworks of Glass. We had merely been viewing the bottom of it.
Make your own art sculpture
The kids could also make their own glass tower.
Behind them is the one story slide off of the Great Wall of China and some crazy science thing that I don’t remember.
Great Wall of China Slide
N is saying: WEEEEE!!! E is checking I’m still alive after flying down the slide.
Terra Cotta Warriors
The Terra Cotta Warriors were a special exhibit and talk that both terrified and excited the kids.
Transformers and my daughter: More than meets the eye.

AndĀ it was time to move on to anotherĀ state.

Heading to Illinois
Luckily, the middle of the country is so flat I could see Illinois the whole way.

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