Cat Assisted Living

Assisted Living! For Cats!

Within a few weeks of moving to our new house, we realized Loki needed his own space. Ever since his ear infection, he’s been OLD. He drinks a lot and likes to sleep all day and meow all night until he falls asleep again.

Who knew old cats become college fraternity boys?

And like most drinkers, Loki needed some assisted living to find happiness again. We moved two litter boxes and a cat tree behind our last baby gate so our other furry baby, Lars, can’t come for visits but all Loki’s cat friends can.

Loki by the Window
A content Loki
Cats and Friends
Loki partying with friends.

We also bought Loki his own waterfall water dish, which sounds so nice with its soothing, bubbling noises between drinks from the fountain and pool. Except it also likes to overflow especially when I think, Oh it just needs more water, but really it’s time for another flood.

We now have tupperware levees.
We now have tupperware levees.

Thanks to Scott marrying a crazy cat lady, Loki only has to leave his room for dinner just like a grandma.

Cat Assisted Living
Iwashyna Assisted Living: Only Cats Need Apply (although I wouldn’t mind my Nana being closer, too)

Alex Iwashyna

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9 thoughts to “Assisted Living! For Cats!”

  1. What a lucky cat! He looks a lot (way too much, actually) like my sweet boy that I lost a few weeks ago.

    Have you looked into the excessive drinking?

    1. First of all, I’m so sorry that you lost your sweet kitty. {hugs}
      Re excessive drinking: Loki’s kidneys aren’t doing well according to his labs so he actually needs to drink more to make up for them. The vet said it’s either aging or something we shouldn’t explore further because we wouldn’t want to treat in a cat this old and frail (so he’d go through invasive diagnostic testing for nothing). We just make sure he’s hydrated and comfortable.

  2. Can you send information, particularly financial. My Duchess might be eligible, but I’m not sure we can afford her in assisted living when I’m in assisted living, too.

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