Mini Golf Party

An Angry Bird, Mini Golf, Birthday Party Is The Best Once Your Son Says So

My son requested a mini golf birthday party after setting the all-time-fastest mini golf game in the history of our local course.

“Are you sure?” I questioned as I picture 12 kids wielding clubs and tilting at windmills while racing through 18 holes.

“Yes! I love mini golf! YES YES YES!”

Okay, {deep breath} I can do this.

Since a mini golf party demands everyone gets there on time and each group plays at the same pace — exactly what 7 and 8 year olds don’t do — I turned to Pinterest to find a craft to keep kids attention on either side of the game.

As it turns out, golf crafts are made for old men or are bugs.

My son is neither an old man nor a bug lover. He, in fact, hates bugs. (I think he could go either way on old men.)

Undeterred, I begged my Facebook friends and stalked my neighbors’ garages for golf balls, and I STARED AT THEM. I stared at them until they began to look like Angry Birds.

So we bought enough google eyes and yellow foam and sharpies and spray paint to make Red Bird, Chuck, Stella and Mustache Piggy.

Angry Bird Golf Balls craft
I could play this kind of golf.
Making Angry Bird craft
Everyone got to make 18 of them thanks to my fear of running out and my friends all playing the most boring game in the history of sports.
Mini Golf Party
Our mini golf, hole in one cake surrounded by the kids’ Angry Birds!
E's Mini Golf Birthday day party
E picked out this E because he’s obviously a good Southern child.

Of course, our cake wasn’t just delicious, it was a WORKING mini golf birthday cake. Sadly, I didn’t take video proof, but we made a hole-in-one cake!

Mini Golf Cake
The gum ball goes in the top and rolls through piping to the lower level and it’s an automatic hole in one.
Working Mini Golf Cake
Every kid at the party asked to try because who doesn’t want a hole in one that you can eat afterward?
Hole in One Cake
The cake wasn’t difficult to make as long as you’re willing to build a beautiful cake and shove a PVC pipe inside. You also cannot be afraid of dyeing your fingers green. For a week.

While I’m proud of our cool cake and crafts, my favorite part of the party was at the end when my son turned to me with his face lit up in joy and shouted, “THAT WAS THE BEST BIRTHDAY PARTY EVER!”

Mini golf 8 birthday party
Now that’s my kind of hole in one.

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7 thoughts to “An Angry Bird, Mini Golf, Birthday Party Is The Best Once Your Son Says So”

  1. Seriously how awesome are you. I can just imagine how his face light up and what a day he had. You are amazing and thoughtful and such attention to details!!! Total mom win!!!!! A great day for up to and your green fingers!

  2. Every birthday, you outdo yourself with amazing cakes! (I was going to ask if those were Gobstoppers but I guess gumballs are cool too.) The Angry Bird golf balls are so creative!

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