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After 12 Years, He Still Makes Me Laugh The Most

Scott and I hung out yesterday so I spent most of the day laughing:

While regaling me with tales of his week: I’m the wildest conformer you know!

(I love standing up to people in my head, too.)

After meeting a very nice friend, Scott turns to me and says: He’s so genuine, right? Naturally, I’m suspicious of him. Who can be that happy all the time?

(I tried to have a more positive attitude and outlook on life, and I only lasted 16 hours. At least Scott will never be suspicious of me.)

And finally, after putting up our new chandelier (thanks mom!) while breaking and fixing our dining room table in the process: Alex, I think I’m so good at fixing things because I’m so good at breaking things.

New chandelier
What a talent! The dining room table is no longer held up by books! Oh and the chandelier looks fabulous, too.

Marriage isn’t always easy. Sometimes you ask for help with a mouthguard and you get help that has nothing to do with the directions on how to mold it. But on the second try, the kid has a mouthguard, and you start making pasta and you get a surprise hug and you melt just like you did the first time he put his arms around you.

Marriage seems a little easier when you focus on the hugs and laughter.

Scott and I have been together for 12 years. Ever since our first non-date date to Beaver Creek outside Charlottesville, Virginia, I’ve thought he’s adorable and kind and smart and funny. Scott, thanks for asking me out without letting me know it was a date because I might’ve missed the chance to spend the rest of my life with wonderful you.

Scott pose
Scott attempting the “look better” pose plaguing women, which neither of us can master.

PS. Technically, our 12-year-date-iversary is September 11, 2002, but I thought you had better things to think about yesterday. I’ve had past thoughts on our nation’s 9/11 as well, which you can read here:

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