Shark Week Ends Everywhere But Here

While perusing our Ranger Rick, Jr. shark feature:

Me: Once, when I was snorkeling in Belize, I saw a Nurse Shark in the water with me. And even though I knew they don’t attack humans, when it turned to me and our eyes met, I freaked out and swam away. Slowly. Heart-poundingly.

I pause for the oohs and ahs. (Photo Wikicommons)

My 7yo: What did you do when you saw it?

Me: {what?} Um… I freaked out and swam away.

My 5yo: Did it eat you?

Me: {seriously?} Yes. I’m your ghost mom.

My 5yo: NO. {eye roll — hers not mine} I mean did it put you in its mouth and then you swam back out.

Me: Oh, okay.

Rather than thinking my kids don’t listen or care or they think we live in a cartoon, I’m going to pretend they work for the Discovery Channel:

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  1. I heard this fascinating story on This American Life from a woman who was attacked by a shark when she was like 12 or 13, on a pretty secluded beach. Her family was not nearby, and she was only with a friend. Because it would hurt tourism, the small town didn’t want to admit it was a shark attack,and the town doctor just kinda sewed her up and sent her and her family back to their campsite, where she nearly died while her family was all, “Stop exaggerating. Go back to sleep.” GAH.

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