RV Trip 2014

RV Trip Part 2: Ohio

Read here for RV Trip Part 1: West Virginia

RV Trip 2014
Ohio (the first time around)

We actually went through Ohio twice — going and coming back — and I was going to lump it all together so there wouldn’t be 10,000 parts to this trip. But then I realized that there is no way I’m going to fit all of South Dakota in one post (seriously, that state has got it going on) so forget it. We’ll do the parts by state and in chronological order. Who’s with me, my over-thinking friends? (Scott is not.)

Along our trip, I tried to find fun, slightly random, stops on the way to and from places so it wasn’t just about getting THERE. I’ll be honest — I had some trouble finding southern Ohio excitement (northern Ohio is bumpin’ though and not just because one of my favorite people lives there), but I used Roadtrippers as well as the National Park Service to find out what was in each state.

I stumbled across (and by stumbled across, I mean planned weeks in advance) the Dayton Aviation Heritage National Historical Park although the kids seemed pretty content in the RV most of time. I don’t know if I mentioned this earlier but we had a No Electronics rule. Scott and I used our iPhones only for photos and directions (although Scott cheated a few times to catch World Cup updates. Speaking of which, we did watch 2 of the 3 US World Cup games because my husband adores soccer more than I like the N.Y. Giants. I’m confused, too. We even considered rearranging our trip so it wasn’t during the World Cup but that would be crazy. To everyone but Scott.) We brought no iPad. No TV. No movies. Just good, old-fashion, road tripping with crazy, WTH-was-that, fun mixed with total boredom.

E and N in the RV
We did a lot of reading. And board game playing. And arts and crafts. And my favorite: staring out the window.
In the RV
I’m guessing this is a rendition of Frozen, but she could also be praising God that Scott was driving again because I certainly was.

If you live anywhere near North Carolina (I’m talking a three state radius), you learn about Kitty Hawk and the Wright Brothers famous first flight as though the Wright Brothers burst from the sand fully grown. Well, Wilbur and Orville called Dayton, Ohio their home, and this tiny museum in the Wright-Dunbar Visitor Center, next door to the Wright Brother’s bike shop, was quite cool and free and our big Ohio stop.

Dayton Aviation Museum
The fake lady talking to N about those crazy Wright Brothers.

They also went beyond the Wright Brothers to other aviation feats like parachuting?

Parachuter E
Why yes, and he even has the right glasses.
Parachuter N
I’m actually not sure why my kids were wearing sunglasses in the museum.
Parachuter Scott
This is what Scott’s going to look like when he rappels off of downtown Richmond building.

But because we spent so much time in West Virginia, we didn’t have much time to explore Dayton’s other aviation sites before everything closed at 5 p.m.. (This is when all my conservative friends sigh: Oh government.) But I’m glad we visited even if this post came off kind of boring. Let’s all just blame Ohio and my writing skills.

Leaving Ohio
And with that, we were off to Indiana where we do way more!

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