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How 7-Year-Olds Water The Garden

by Alex Iwashyna

in My Son, The House

Remember when I mentioned the kids’ new gardens in my Mother’s Day post? I asked my son if he had watered his plants, and he’s all: Doing it right now, mom.

Watering the garden with pizzazz

Oh boy.

At least he used water.

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Katie May 14, 2014 1

This. Is. Awesome


Alex Iwashyna May 14, 2014 2

I’m thinking he could get a holster and go into business keeping gardens alive while being awesome.


Megan (Best of Fates) May 15, 2014 3

This might be the first time I’ve ever been interested in gardening.
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Tanya May 15, 2014 4

My 4 year old did the same thing for my rose bushes. So cute!!
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julie gardner May 16, 2014 5

That’s totally how I’m going to fill my dogs’ water dish from now on.
Sure, it might take a little longer.

But efficiency is so much less important than FUN.
julie gardner recently posted..Goldilocks and the House Fire


Mike77 July 7, 2014 6

It is very funny for them to water the garden.


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