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Frozen Plus Whatever Your Kid Loves Equals A Cake From Arendelle (Close To Heaven)

My daughter has gone from one favorite thing in the world, puppies, to two: puppies and the movie, Frozen.

While we still stop to pet every dog we pass and almost every game we play is a variation of puppies — puppy princesses, puppy family, puppy tag — we are also singing Frozen tunes and possibly going by the names Elsa and Anna while we do it. We saw the movie twice in theaters (once for the singalong!) and at least 18 times since it came out on iTunes.

Because we were having her birthday party at our local SPCA, I wanted to combine her love of animals with Frozen for her cake design but she’s not really into moose. Then, BAM! During the kids’ bath, the idea came to me: CREATE THE ARENDELLE SPCA

While I’m jumping up and down with my secret and grand idea, N makes two small cake requests: A tiny Elsa and chocolate frosting on the cake. Of course, these would become the most difficult parts of making the cake, but at the time, I thought: Perfect! A chocolate building and a small Elsa out front!

Then we actually tried to find Elsa. We went to three stores before grabbing the second to last one at our final stop before I gave into $30 for a Saturday shipping guarantee. I just didn’t realize how popular Frozen merchandise is. And poor Anna! She was on all the shelves. But I knew without Elsa, my daughter would be disappointed, and in this family, we don’t really believe in flexibility on your birthday (good for me on September 6!).

On to the cake!

Baking cakes
Three layers done and one sheet cake in the oven. (Yes, we ended up with a leftover cake because of a miscommunication. Yum!)

Until the chocolate frosting became an issue mostly because we’d never made it before and I don’t like milk or dark chocolate so I don’t even know what tastes good. We followed a seemingly solid recipe, and I remembered a friend saying “always buy the best chocolate for baking” so we had.

Good chocolate
Unsweetened chocolate should come with a warning: DO NOT LICK THE SPOON. OMG, death to taste buds.

However, the best baking chocolate is also the most bitter so while our frosting looked pretty and I’m sure discerning adults would’ve loved it, IT WAS GROSS. We used the first frosting to glue the building together because I assumed my gross was being forced to try something I already didn’t like. Then I gave in and set about frantically making a new batch with milk chocolate instead of unsweetened chocolate.

Chocolate frosting
Please let this one come out right…

We ended up with a sweet cookies-and-cream-like version, which I could never reproduce but even I thought it tasted pretty good. Of course, the one who really mattered was my daughter, who is even picky about her milk chocolate at restaurants, and we couldn’t have her taste-test because our cakes are always surprises the day of the party so I was nervous up until the cutting of the cake and you will have to be too because we still have a cake to decorate.

Cake building
Cut marshmallow windows, blue vanilla butter cream frosting, and various accouchement ready to be added.

We don’t always know exactly what we will use on the cake once it’s done because sometimes cakes go their own way so we get various toys and sprinkles and plenty of eggs and sugar to try to limit multiple runs to the store after 10 p.m.. This year we only went to the store three times and only twice that day. {high-five}

Frozen cake
The final touches!
Frozen cake
Welcome to the Arendelle SPCA!
Cake Frozen
We found the tiny dogs and cats WITH RESCUE BOXES at a toy store while looking for Elsa and made snow with silver sprinkles and confectioners’ sugar.
Arendelle SPCA
I make the signs on pic monkey, and luckily, had just bought new ink for our printer. Getting the curve of the Arendelle SPCA sign took a long time.
Weselton sign
This sign says: “Taking care of the animals of Weselton (Weasletown) since 2009” because the Arendelle residents would never give up or not neuter their pets!
Cake igloo
The igloo is sugar cubes and the other half of the marshmallow door.

The next morning when we opened the refrigerator to show N, she lit up like a firework. Elsa hanging out with a dog? UNBELIEVABLE! She also devoured her piece of cake at the party, which made me light up.

Sunday night I asked her what her favorite part of the party was, and she said, “I loved everything, but I loved my cake the most,” easily making two batches of chocolate frosting and the shouting and hyperventilating over tiny Elsas, worth it.

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11 thoughts to “Frozen Plus Whatever Your Kid Loves Equals A Cake From Arendelle (Close To Heaven)”

  1. My youngest LOVES Frozen just like N. Her birthday isn’t until July so I’m curious if she will be requesting a Frozen themed cake as well 🙂

    That cake rocks. And I am jealous you found an Elsa doll post -winterpocalypse on Arendelle. I could only find her dolled up for her coronation. Which isn’t horrible but I love that gown she crafts for herself 🙂

    1. I wonder if Frozen will ever die down? I feel like it’s the first movie my daughter fell in love with. Oh and we could only find one style of Elsa anywhere, but this one came with a version of her castle (it looks like there are a lot of castles when I was online debating the Saturday delivery charge before the third store) and Olaf if that helps.

  2. Libbie had her 5th birthday at the SPCA last September. They do a fantastic job! I love getting ideas from you because my daughter shares in N’s love for puppies and Frozen. I have enjoyed the unexpected benefit from the new Disney movie: everyone now knows how to pronounce my name. I about died when I saw your homemade costumes! Love the cake! You and Scott did an amazing job.

    1. Thank you! We loved having our party there — the kids all had a great time. The pronouncing thing from Frozen is so funny — I can’t wait until there’s an ee-vah-shen-ah princess!

  3. You are amazing!!! I just love the combination of the two themes. How thoughtful you are to make this moment special for her and with so much attention to detail and what she will love and appreciate. What a fantastic cake and what a very happy little girl she must have been. Good job momma!!!

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